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Why today is International Ninja Day



On December 5, International Ninja Day is celebrated. This celebration, which has thousands of followers across the world, is not as old as it seems, but has its roots in the cinema of this century.

We all know of a movie or series where one of the protagonists appears dressed in black, moving almost unnoticed, with sharp weapons, and with an almost human ability to spy and murder. The Japanese warriors trained to carry out certain missions are the ninjas and they have their own international day.

Origin of ephemeris

There are few reliable sources on the origin of International Ninja Day. One of the strongest rumors is that the first time the day was commemorated was in 2003, after its release on that date. “The last Samourai”, film directed by Edward Zwick and featuring Tom cruise, in the United States and Canada. This movie is an icon among ninja enthusiasts as it features several memorable fight scenes.

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Ninjas are popular icons of Japanese culture and that is why this is where this international day is most celebrated. In some parts of Japan, festivals are held and people dress to behave like ninjas. In addition, there are exhibitions and festive and cultural events.

Descriptive Ninjas

The mission of the ninjas is to go unnoticed and hide, but ninjas don’t always wear black. Other alternatives used to accomplish the task are to hide by disguising themselves as farmers or merchants.

The ninja stars they weren’t his only weapon, despite the fact that in the movies we see them coming out all the time. They use various combat tools, but the ninja stars They are the most popular and iconographic in Japanese culture.

These warriors are centuries old. In the archives of Japanese culture, we can find them in the 15th century when the term “ninja” is much more modern because it appeared around 1800. Before being named by the name by which we know them, They were called “shinobi “, which in Japanese means “stealth”.

Ideas for celebrating International Ninja Day

The most common way to enjoy this celebration is to dress up. If you love ninjas so much, you can pretend to be one of them, go out and do some stealth moves.

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Another alternative that may work for those who want less attention is to enjoy the best ninja movies. “The Last Samurai”, “The American Warrior” or “Ninja Assassin”.

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