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Why the X-Men’s Wolverine keeps trying to kill himself while surfing, explained


Wolverine is one of the more reckless X-Men alive who is constantly risking death. But his latest attempts are not only extreme but also very unexpected.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for X-Force # 25, available now from Marvel Comics.

Wolverine has always been a man of many talents and hobbies. During his very long life, he has demonstrated skill as a samurai, assassin, lumberjack, spy, and superhero. That being said, Logan has plenty more surprises up his sleeve. One of his most surprising skills also allows him to get nearly killed on more than one occasion.

In X-Force # 25 (by Benjamin Percy, Robert Fill, Guru-eFX and Joe Caramagna of VC), the issue opens when Wolverine meets Forge about a particular project he hopes to be completed. Forge delivers quickly by showing Logan a huge Krakoan balsa surfboard covered and lined with adamantium, perhaps to skid the water more smoothly. But, of course, being made of the same material as Logan’s claws, it also serves as a lethal weapon. It is then revealed in the issue that Logan also has a talent and an interest in surfing.

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Overlooking Dead Mutant Cove, Logan talks about the dangerous waves in the cove that can reach over 100 feet. As he rides the pipe of a massive wave, he also talks about the blows these waves can inflict. During his monologue, the book also shows Wolverine erasing and hitting a bunch of reefs below the surface, leaving him marked and seemingly left for dead until he is rescued by another surfer named Pike. . But why does Logan go to the most dangerous waves only to seemingly die in the waves?

Unlike many of Krakoa’s other mutants, Logan is no stranger to death. It is in this intimate understanding of the subject that he also finds the most understanding and is able to know how far to push himself since he has crossed the limit so many times before. Before embarking on the waves, he says, it is in violence that we find true paradise. He reflects, “You are doing your best to live when you can taste death.” Essentially, Logan facing dangerous waves gives him some semblance of control over his own mortality. Whether he survives or comes closer to the door of death again depends on him and a higher power. Essentially, it’s a unique meditation that only Logan can understand.

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There is also a peculiarity of seeing a man with an incredibly heavy adamantium skeleton also take waves. However, this isn’t the first time the character has had a loose connection with sports. In a canceled X Men A television pilot called “Pryde of the X-Men”, Wolverine is portrayed with an Australian accent rather than a Canadian one. Ironically, Australia is also where surfing is an integral part of the culture and homeland of Hugh Jackman, the Live Wolverine. So strangely, though unorthodox, Logan’s past comes full circle in the character’s entertainment story.

Wolverine is not afraid of death and has even sought it on more than one occasion. While it seems like riding Krakoa’s deadliest waves is yet another attempt to cope with death, it’s more likely the opposite. Wolverine surfs Dead Mutant Cove for a living. When he needs to root his rage and remember his place as a mutant in a bigger world, he rides those waves and lets nature decide who’s stronger. There he finds solace, and knowing that “the wave always wins,” he remembers that no matter how powerful mutants are, nature will always put living things in their place.

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