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Which upcoming Pokemon Incandescent Arcana cards will be worth the most


The Pokémon trading card game Incandescent Arcana was released in Japan in September, and some of its Secret Rares are already very valuable.

The Pokemon trading card game sword and shield the series ends with a bang with the Incandescent Arcana located in Japan. As part of the Silver Storm Expansion released in the United States in November, the Incandescent Arcana The set is themed around Alolan Vulpix and Ho-Oh, the legendary pocket monster from Pokémon Gold and Silver. But even though Alolan Vulpix and Ho-Oh have been popular Pokémon in games and in the TCG since their release, other cards from Incandescent Arcana will be more useful once their English versions are released.


Indeed, the Incandescent Arcana set rare hidden features Pokemon cards that will capture the attention of investors and singles collectors. There are Full Arts of favorite trainers, Rainbow Rares of regional variants, and even Alt Arts of niche Pokemon. Although not the first Pokémon in the set, some of these cards will become the new Rainbow Pikachu of live voltage and be among the most sought after modern maps.

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The September release of Incandescent Arcana in Japan is already revealing which of these Secret Rares are considered the most valuable. According to Poké Japan’s listings of Furisode Girl’s Full Art Trainer Card and Alt Art Mawile V, these two are among the most expensive with market values ​​around $76 and $24. However, there are a few other cards that will be even more expensive when Incandescent Arcana outings as part of silver storm.

The Most Valuable Cards of the Glowing Arcana

The Full Art Serena Trainer card is by far the most valuable card in this Pokémon TCG Position. Complete arts like those of Incandescent Arcana are usually very valuable, but Serena’s case is unprecedented. The card currently costs $272 according to Poké Japan, which completely beats the values ​​of all other cards in the set. Given its current price, Full Art Serena will likely drop as its supply increases in the short term, but time will see its value increase in the long term.

Another card that will be valuable in Incandescent Arcana will be Alt Art Serperior V. Alt Art Serperior V has all the marks of a Pokémon TCG Real Value Card: This is a Holofoil Secret Rare featuring a starter Pokémon and a trainer, Hilda. Additionally, both of these numbers are from the Unova region, which has the potential to make them more valuable in the United States since the region is based out of the country. The Japanese-language version of the card currently sells for over $52 according to Poké Japan, but its value has the potential to increase when its English-language version is released.

Incandescent Arcana contains many other amazing cards like Rainbow Alolan Vulpix and Trainer Gallery Gardevoir. Even though they are not currently selling for much, they have the potential to become valuable in the future. Regardless of what these cards are selling for at the moment, one thing is clear about Incandescent Arcana and silver storm: these are strong tips for Pokémon TCG sword and shield series.

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