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Where to watch it online and what to know before watching it?


Pharma Bro by Brent Hodge is a Canadian documentary. It portrays Martin Shkreli, a financial and pharmaceutical businessman from Brooklyn, New York, who was convicted of financial crimes after instantly raising the price of the AIDS drug. Martin Shkreli, America’s most despised man, is known as Pharma Bro. Blumhouse Productions released it. Before watching the documentary, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Where to look

At October 5, 2021, Pharma Bro has been released. This documentary lasts 1 hour and 27 minutes and is available in English. Pharma Bro is available for purchase or rental at Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon Instant Video.

What was the documentary about?

Source: Rolling Stone

Brent Hodge, director of documentary “Pharma Bro” wonders if Martin Shkreli, the disgraced pharma founder who became known for raising the price of the drug Daraprim and was later accused of fraud in another issue , is as horrible as its name. indicated.

Hodge hasn’t had much interaction with his subject. He entered Shkreli’s residence and attempted to enter it to support the unfounded idea that there is a lot to Shkreli than greeting the face. He comes to drink a few drinks at a time. He also uses the investigation of things approach by showing up with a recorder in an office, seeking to meet with a public relations manager at Retrophin, a company founded by Shkreli.

Hodge talks to a social psychologist who connects Shkreli to fictional characters; Christie Smythe, who lost her professional life as a journalist after giving up for Shkreli with what a profile She recommended was a one-sided love affair; Milo Yiannopoulos, and a Daraprim client who describes how rising costs hampered his potential to receive medication – until Shkreli hooked him up individually.


This documentary clings to the threads in an attempt to show that Martin Shkreli, a founder of pharma, is not as gruesome as his image suggests. If you haven’t followed the Shkreli case closely, this documentary might shed new light on some fascinating aspects of it. Much of it revolves around the public issues that surrounded it.

The great journalist who basically chased Shkreli for a year has nothing more to say. Although this is an intriguing approach, his attempts yielded little results and he did not deserve a major part of the documentary. Unfortunately, he became engrossed in the media spectacle and struggled to produce important reporting.

Pharma Bro
Source: CNBC

The documentary makes an effort of psychology through those who loved him dearly, but it only succeeds in portraying people who continue to sympathize with him. What about the people who have been injured as a result of his actions?

The fascinating part of this story is how different people are unable to attach moral guidelines to their interactions. Many women only tried to marry him when he was recognized as a threat, and they were not concerned about his other behavior.

Since he was so despised by everyone, the new approach to documentary is to present him as “uniquely human”. The real debate is about America’s medical industry and how Martin Shkreli came to be a metaphor, and how terrible things could get. There is only a tiny discussion about this.

Cast members

The main cast of this documentary includes Billy the Fridge, Martin Shkreli, James Hamblin, Ghostface Killah, Ben Brafman, Meg Tirrell, Benjamin Brafman, Travis Langley, DanyaGlabau, Milo Yiannopoulos, Cilvaringz, Patrick Rice, Glenn Cohen and Christie Smythe.