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What We Learned From Ella’s Boyfriend Johnny’s Instagram


90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Johnny Chao recently launched his new Instagram profile. Here is everything he revealed about his life.

Ella Johnson’s boyfriend Johnny Chao has unveiled his Instagram page where he reveals many secrets about his life outside of 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days. Johnny, 34, is the first Chinese actor on 90 day fiance. He is in a relationship with Ella, originally from Idaho, who met him on a social media group for white women attracted to Asian men. Before finding Johnny, Ella sought to find her ideal anime fantasy after being rejected by men in real life. Ella hit the jackpot by finding Johnny, who also admitted to having a “western obsession“and couldn’t wait to become her”cowboy.” However, the pair have been separated by distance and the COVID-19 pandemic for more than two years.


Ella recently confessed to cheating on Johnny on an episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days. According to Ella, she needed validation and got her physical urges satisfied by a friend after she pitched the idea of ​​an open relationship with Johnny. Although he thought Ella would eventually dump him and find a new man in the United States, Johnny still fought for their relationship and assured Ella that he would meet her in February. When fans were furious with Ella for her mistake and wished Johnny could just move on with a better partner, he shocked them by promising the Mackay resident a diamond ring. Unfortunately, Ella hasn’t been able to see Johnny or the diamond ring so far.

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Johnny’s Instagram has been looking new since his first post was uploaded over a month ago on February 25. Johnny posted a quote from Lord of Rings, with the caption “I hope the world can get back to normal The pandemic will be over without bleeding again.” The Jinan native’s social media account also shows his love for capturing scenic spots in China and that he also has a hidden talent, which is playing the guitar. Johnny says his favorite TV show is breaking Badlike to watch Tom and Jerry, and spends his free time with his family, consisting of his parents and young son Stony. When Ella was talking about her”Asian obsession” to 90 day fiance, she revealed her fascination with samurai and anime. Fans couldn’t help but notice how wrong Ella was when it came to Asian stereotypes. They blamed Ella for thinking that Asia as a whole has only one culture, seeing that her dream guy would be from Japan, but is dating someone from China.

However, Johnny made an Instagram post to reveal that he “stayed in Japan for more than five years [after I] completed university,“as he shared photos of himself completely different with long hair. In fact, Johnny’s Instagram biography, which roughly translates to”Let’s find the value of living Let’s achieve our dreams and form a strong family” is also written in Japanese. Johnny explained that her son’s English name is Stony since his mother wanted the boy to become “as hard as stone” once Johnny and his ex-wife divorced. Johnny, who often takes pity on fans, gave Stony a turtle as a pet and also had him learn the ukulele in hopes they could forge a family band called “hard stone” in the future.

However, the biggest reveal on Johnny’s Instagram page is a statement he posted about Ella and their relationship. In his long legend, Johnny confirmed that he had yet to meet Ella and that she was “very patient” and “pleasantto him about it. Johnny claims he agreed to have an open relationship and told her: “If someone is better than me, I will […] let her gosince he doesn’t want her to waste her time. He also admitted that he had no right to blame Ella for what she did for two years: besides, he feels “guilty“for acting like one”cowardly” after not meeting her in Dubai when Ella wanted to.

Despite the setbacks in their relationship, Ella and Johnny both follow each other on Instagram. She had recently posted a screenshot of their video call; however, some fans believe Ella is impersonating Johnny since the platform is banned in China. Although Johnny can use a VPN to access Instagram and wants to tell his side of the 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days story. It’s fair to assume it will take longer for Johnny and Ella to meet China battling another COVID-19 outbreak. For those interested in knowing the outcome of Johnny and Ella’s relationship, it’s best to continue following the couple on Instagram.

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