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Warriors’ Draymond Green sends words of encouragement to Ben Simmons


The past NBA season hasn’t been the easiest for Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons. While the three-time All-Star admitted he’s struggled with his confidence and mentality throughout the year, Simmons has sometimes failed to live up to expectations – especially in the second round of the playoffs.

In what was admittedly a string of drops for Simmons, the former top pick struggled to help his team avoid a losing streak against the young and disjointed Atlanta Hawks. While the Sixers could have ended the series with a win in Game 7 at home, they instead suffered a disappointing loss, being knocked out of the playoffs much earlier than expected.

Simmons, who struggled offensively throughout the series, failed to score more than five points in the critical Game 7. Even before Philly’s last game was over, Sixers fans were already extremely frustrated with Simmons. Once the Simmons-Joel Embiid duo lost in the second round of the playoffs for the third time in four seasons, business rumors immediately began to heat up.

Frustrated and exhausted, Simmons did all he could to try and stay out of the spotlight for a while. After the season ended last month, he was silent on social media for a few weeks. Finally, on Monday, Simmons decided to break his silence on Instagram and post a message for his followers as he celebrated his 25th birthday.

“Looking back, I’ve had some amazing highs and with that, some of the lowest lows. Life is a journey .. I will always remain relentless and remain human through it all. Here is my 25 year old #Relentlesspursuit doing this that I love my birthday, I am blessed “

Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green has publicly reached out to Simmons to wish him a happy birthday – but he didn’t do so without offering a few words of encouragement to the much-scrutinized Simmons.

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