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Video game bosses don’t have to be easy to earn gamers’ respect.


A good villain should get a lot of reactions from the audience. They need to be unsympathetic or unsympathetic to ensure the audience sides with the hero. They often invoke fear or hatred, turning the public against them in a primitive sense. Some of the best, however, also compel audiences to respect them.

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They can have comprehensible and sympathetic motives, show several redeeming qualities, or simply be so impressive that the public cannot help admiring them. In video games, this can either be through the villain’s role in the story, or the sheer quality of their boss fight, or both, with the audience having to feel some respect for certain bosses.

ten Mr. Freeze Mixes His Comic Book Sympathy With Great Fighting

Batman has one of the most respectable Rogue Galleries of any superhero. Most of its villains are likable, cool, or both, and all of them have large fanbases. In Batman video games, however, few command more public admiration than Mr. Freeze in Batman: Arkham City.

Freeze benefits from his ever-likable characterization, still fighting to save his wife Nora in a motif most fans can appreciate. He combines this with excellent combat, responding to every trick Batman uses to hurt him and forcing the player to think on their feet to land blows. Overall, he’s considered one of the best villains in the game. Arkham series.

9 The boss sacrifices everything for her country, including herself

The metal gear series tries to make all of its villains distinctive and impressive. Many have likable qualities, others have particularly wacky gimmicks, and some just aim to be cool. However, one villain still rises above most in fan esteem: the Boss, the latest villain of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

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A visionary ready to do anything for her nation, the Boss spends the entire game faking betrayal and tormenting her beloved student, Naked Snake. The game ends with the revelation that she never betrayed the United States, but rather sacrificed her reputation and her life to protect her country. It’s hard for Snake to pull the trigger at the end of the game, and just as hard for most players.

8 General Radahn commits one impressive act after another

The demigods of Ring of Elden are a diverse and imperfect lot, none morally pure and all having misdeeds to their name. However, fans are more willing to overlook the sins of some out of sheer respect, and few they respect more than Starscourge Radahn, General of the Golden Order and Lord of Caelid.

Radahn’s story is one impressive act after another. From becoming one of the best warriors and generals in the world to being a prodigious student of magic, fighting his warrior sister Malenia to a draw, and holding off the stars themselves, Radahn accomplishes a lot. Coupled with a unique boss fight, most fans consider him one of the best characters in the game.

seven Sans proves an unexpected epic challenge

The skeleton Sans is a recurring character throughout Subtitle, characterized by an extreme level of apathy towards anything and everything around him, and a greater level of breaking the fourth wall than most other characters. Everything indicates that he should be a breeze – including analysis of his stats, which reveal that they are incredibly low.

A player only fights Sans on a Genocide route, where he has killed everything else in the game. At this point, he steps in to stop them from reaching Asgore and gives players the toughest fight in the game. mechanics of the game to catch the player off guard – and explicitly fights for them to give up and not complete the game. The turn makes him one of the most iconic bosses of recent years.

6 Darth Vader once again shows his power

The encounter with Darth Vader in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order barely qualifies as a boss fight. Any idea of ​​defeating him goes out the window in the first round of attacks, and Vader is quick to point out that Cal Kestis is no match for him. From then on, the encounter becomes strictly about getting away from him by any means necessary.

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It is a very effective sequence. After an entire game of Cal growing stronger and facing increasingly dangerous enemies, all he can do is run away from Vader. Even if Vader wasn’t one of cinema’s most iconic villains, the fight would do a good job of cementing him as dangerous in players’ heads.

5 Lord Shimura is tragically honorable

Ghost of Tsushima details the Japanese resistance to the Mongol invasion of the titular island, but its final boss is a final samurai. Throughout the game, Jin Sakai’s increasingly devious and pragmatic methods drive a wedge between him and his adoptive uncle, Lord Shimura.

After the Mongols are defeated, the Shogun orders Shimura to kill Jin and end the Ghost’s social disruption. Shimura challenges his nephew to a duel, the pain of both being genuinely tragic. For his heroic actions throughout the game and his struggles with his honor, most players find they can’t hate Shimura.

4 Baldur Matches Kratos Blow For Blow With A Sympathetic Backstory

Baldur is the main antagonist of God of the war, a recurring thorn alongside Kratos and Atreus. He battles them multiple times as they work to scatter Faye’s ashes, proving completely unstoppable between her immortality and lack of feeling. All the heroes can do is subdue him and run away, and he’s a genuinely intimidating threat throughout.

However, Baldur has a nice side. He desperately wants to end the magic his mother threw at him, which makes him unable to feel anything. Between his understandable motivations and his genuinely impressive threat throughout the game, Baldur manages to earn the respect of players even without being particularly admirable.

3 Sephiroth radiates freshness throughout the game

The Final Fantasy the franchise has plenty of awesome villains, but none as iconic or widely known as Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. He’s one of the franchise’s standout characters, with people who’ve never played the game recognizing him and those who couldn’t deny he’s respectable.

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Sephiroth has a lot going for him. From his striking human form and impressive transformations to his notable villainous deeds throughout the story, and several excellent fights against him, Sephiroth has something for everyone. While some may find it dated or clichéd, many fans respect Sephiroth’s sheer villainy.

2 Goro Majima is an unpredictable but utterly likable criminal

Goro Majima is one of the most important characters in the Yakuza franchise, including being fought as a boss in most series entries. He’s also one of the series’ most beloved characters, with his only real rival for that position being longtime protagonist Kazuma Kiryu.

Majima’s qualities command the respect of almost everyone. He’s entertaining and dangerous with his unpredictable behavior, but shows a surprising level of depth, especially in Yakuza 0. He is instrumental in the plots of many games, a powerful ally, a dangerous and surprisingly knowledgeable foe. Ultimately, fans tend to be delighted with Majima’s appearances, while respecting him immensely.

1 Sword Saint Isshin Ashina is an impressive and reluctant enemy

Although Wolf clashed with the Ashina clan for most of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Isshin Ashina is an ally throughout the game. He is one of Wolf’s many teachers, who also helps him rid Kiro of the dragon’s legacy, and despairs of his grandson Genichiro’s dishonorable deeds. . However, he is also the final boss fought in any ending.

Whether it’s battling Wolf to prevent him from becoming an unstoppable Shura or being revived by Genichiro to serve as a final obstacle, Isshin gives Wolf the fight of his life. From his utterly honorable, calm, and sympathetic demeanor to his both fair and incredibly difficult boss fight, he’s a boss that fans can’t help but greatly admire.

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