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US and Western allies must maintain presence in Afghanistan, insists Japanese expert – World


TOKYO, August 23. / TASS /. The United States and its allies must maintain a diplomatic presence in Afghanistan provided a new government is peacefully established there under the Taliban (banned in Russia), Middle East Institute researcher Kenta Aoki told TASS. from Japan.

According to him, “at the moment there is a certain power vacuum in Afghanistan”. “Currently, a new government is going to be formed under the Taliban. From the point of view of relations with the West, how peaceful this process will be and how it will be inclusive of various political forces will be vital,” the commentator added. .

However, in her own words, “it is still unclear what the country’s government institutions will look like, whether its legal system will incorporate elements of the current constitution and what approach will be taken with regard to human rights, the situation of women. and education, which will determine the attitude of the G7 towards the new authorities in the country, Aoki said.

“It is also doubtful that the Taliban severed ties with Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia)”, continued the expert. “It seems that other terrorist groups are also entrenched in Afghanistan. However, without establishing relations with the new government led by the Taliban, Western countries will not be able to reopen their embassies and consulates,” he insisted.

“In that case, it would be very difficult for them to keep an eye on the activities of the international terrorist organizations there and carry out other types of activities. That being said, once the advanced American weapons spread to in the open air and for international terrorists to get their hands on these weapons, it will pose a threat to the interests of the United States and its allies. That is why I think the best option is that an inclusive government, too. moderate as possible, be created in Afghanistan, which does not ignore human rights issues, and which Western countries will establish relations with it at the level of diplomatic missions, “said the Japanese expert.

On April 14, Biden announced his intention to end Washington’s operation in Afghanistan, the longest military campaign in American history. After that, the Taliban launched a full-scale offensive to take the country under control. Taliban fighters invaded the Afghan capital Kabul on August 15 without meeting any resistance and took control of the entire city within hours. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani later resigned and fled the country. Subsequently, Vice President Amrullah Saleh proclaimed himself interim president, calling for armed resistance against the Taliban. Western countries are now evacuating their citizens and diplomatic personnel from Afghanistan.

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