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This Week on Twitter: Happy Returns, Squirrels Take Over, Skyline Appreciation, and FIFA Is Terrible


This Week on Twitter is a preview of some of the best and most entertaining tweets of the week from Buckeyeland and beyond.

Somehow YouTube has like three full videos of the Rose Bowl parade, two “mock” Rose Bowl games that someone did on their PS3, and the entire CFP Cotton Bowl, but for some reason, the 2022 Rose Bowl can’t be found on the ‘Tubes in its entirety. Not that I’m advocating anything illegal and hugely helpful, like uploading a three-hour video featuring the entire game, but it’s a bit of a surprise that it hasn’t hit the mainstream yet. digital universe.

For now, I guess we’ll have to settle for Ohio State’s internal highlights:

Rather sweet! My favorite part was when Ohio State won the game.

Paul Keels is a legend. Yes, it takes a few bites (sometimes warranted), but its buttery intonation is second to none.

THANOS RETURNS is usually bad news in most contexts, but here it definitely isn’t.

Zed key? Zed key.

The Romans never had it so good. A five with hot sauce would probably have prevented their empire from collapsing for at least a few hundred years.

A bit wild, to be honest! You would think it would be a little closer, but no! Buckeyes by a mile!

Sometimes you just need a weekend juice.

The guy who said he was a war hero/rancher/governor/boxer/American president/explorer/guy-who-got-shot-in-the-chest-and-kept-going -give-a-speech-for-90-timer. I don’t think I would have lasted five seconds in one of his arenas.


It’s hard but also fun! Word of advice, completely ignore katakana (it’s totally useless to learn) and work on hiragana and kanji.

I believe this is said every year by all FIFA players, myself included.

Game of Thrones is more fun but Breaking Bad actually has an ending that’s worth watching, so that.

If you can’t be mortal in comfort, then maybe I wasn’t meant to be mortal.

To hell with the squirrels!


The ultimate balm.

More tweets next week, see you soon!