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These are the 10 most reliable Japanese used trucks



Over the years, vehicles made in Japan have built a reputation for rock-solid reliability, nothing makes it more obvious than the stellar pickups they produced, not only are they reliable but also durable.

The stream JDM fascination has seen the values ​​of some cars skyrocket, almost to unreasonable levels in some cases. What this has done in the used market is also quite interesting, with vehicles made in Japan holding their value better than anything made in North America or Europe.

Pickups have historically held their value, but for some the prices have remained reasonable, and if you buy one of these pickups, they will likely outlive you.

ten Nissan Frontier

Nissan Frontier 2009
Vehicle history

Proven reliability is an understatement, with Nissan keeping this design for what many would say was a bit too long. It’s a simple beast that can carry just about anything, and it will continue to carry it for decades to come.

2007 Nissan Frontier Pickup
Via: Facebook

Don’t expect creature comfort, don’t expect comfort at all, but expect good mileage and incredible reliability. Just steer clear of early models that still had a few issues to fix, anything made after 2010 should be nearly indestructible.

9 Isuzu D-Max

via wikimedia.org

The Isuzu Global Pickup Platform that first came out in the early ’00s was amazing, the range of diesel engines you could choose from were also rich in torque and efficient.

Automotive Specifications

Not exactly the prettiest and ever sold anywhere in North America, they were sold as Holden Rodeo in Australia. They helped serve as the base on which Chevrolet would build its world’s first Colorado after GM parted ways with Isuzu.

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8 Toyota pickup truck

Toyota Hilux Pickup Offroad Gray Front Face
Via Pinterest

Few can criticize the durability of the old pickup, it has become widely recognized as one of the most durable vehicles ever made.

1990 Toyota Pickup 4x4 Red Side
Via Pinterest

A little problem with them is, even though the drivetrain is more or less bomb proof, they tend to come back to earth quite quickly thanks to fairly thin sheet metal and fairly average rust protection.

seven Isuzu TF

Favorite cars

Arguably the pickup with the most different names ever, think of the TF as a placeholder, as it had a different name for just about every market it was sold in. Although it was sold in America as the Pickup and Chevrolet LUV, these were never their diesel powertrains.

Isuzu diesel

Which is a shame, because Isuzu was way ahead of its time in terms of turbo diesel development. Back in the ’90s, these were the most torque-rich pickup trucks you could buy outside of the United States, and they’ve become a staple for fleets around the world.

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6 Toyota tacoma

The 2021 Toyota Tacoma
Via: Toyota

Built to replace the aging and admittedly dangerous pickup for the North American market, the Tacoma has grown steadily with each of its generations.

Via: Pinterest

The latest one is arguably the best of all, with a range of different packages ranging from sport and comfort to off-roading they’ve got you covered. Sales are also particularly strong, so the used market already has all of these pickup trucks as an option.

5 Mazda BT-50

Via Motor1

It’s basically a redesigned Ford Ranger, but that’s not a bad thing at all. After several generations of the Ranger being a redesigned Mazda, it was the very first that was the other way around.

via automatic car update

It’s arguably the best Mazda pickup too, getting all the good sides of the Ranger with a few Japanese touches here and there. With their split, the latest Mazda will build on Isuzu and just might get even better, but only time will tell.

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4 Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup Truck

Courtesy of Yallamotor

It’s a fan favorite among terrorists and rebel leaders for good reason, it’s relatively cheap for a paramilitary vehicle, and can literally go anywhere.

Via Self-evolution

Favored in areas where the roads are simply exhausted, these Land Cruisers have unmatched reliability and parts availability. Even in the middle of I don’t know where, you’ll find diesel and a starter for a Toyota Land Cruiser.

3 Datsun 720


The 720 is getting a bit rare, especially working examples, but they don’t look like other classic Japanese cars getting quite expensive, although they may look a bit like them.

1981 Datsun King Cab Pickup Truck
Via: GrangeFinds

It’s a really fun alternative to the JDM classics, it’s also proven successful and still serves as a workhorse in the world today.

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2 Honda ridgeline

2019-Honda-Ridgeline-Exterior-Driver's Side-Front
Via Henley Honda

No, it’s not exactly the toughest used pickup, but the latest generation of the Ridgeline has become a big hit for good reason.

The stylish interior of the Honda Ridgeline
Via Honda2022.com

It might be the least affordable of all Japanese pickups due to demand, but they’re really that good, as long as you don’t plan on going off-road, ever.

1 Toyota hilux

Courtesy car guide

If the terrorists are driving older Land Cruisers, the peacekeepers or the anti-terrorist group will likely be driving one of these newer Hiluxes.

CarWow Toyota Off Roaders Hilux Up Steep Hill
CarWow via YouTube

Much more rugged and significantly less refined than the Tacoma, Toyota’s midsize global offering is still one of the best pickups one can buy. Good diesel engines, excellent reliability and the ability to haul everything under the sun.

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