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The Walking Dead: 10 greatest friendships, ranked


The Walking Dead post-apocalyptic buddies are part of what made AMC’s series such a pop culture juggernaut over its 11 seasons. The series has seen its fair share of love stories, but the friendships between the characters have remained the driving force behind many of them. The Walking Dead most exciting chapters.

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No one can do it alone, and a companion among the chaos has proven to be the essential ingredient in staying alive for many throughout. The walking dead. In a world overrun by the dead desperate for their flesh, these survivors make do with a little help from their friends.

ten Andrea and Michonne held on when they had no one else

The-Walking-Dead- Andrea and Michonne in Woodbury

What could have been one of the The Walking Dead The greatest friendships fell somewhat when Andrea put a gentleman before her sister and chose the governor’s embrace over her sword-wielding samurai friend.

Andrea’s bad taste for men and her penchant for bad decisions are infamous among viewers, but Andrea and Michonne kept themselves alive through very dark times, and as misguided as the choices she made were. , she did them with the best of intentions.

9 Daryl became Beth’s protector when all hope seemed lost

The Walking Dead TV Daryl and Beth

Sadly, Daryl and Beth’s platonic couple remains a victim of one of The Walking Dead most hated episodes. Aside from some fans’ feelings for the Moonshine Mission, Daryl and Beth’s friendship was touching, especially as it further brought out that caring nature that little brother Dixon strove to keep a secret.

Beth may have had a crush on the Crossbow King, but Daryl likely viewed the safety of Greene’s youngest daughter as a path to redemption for failing Sophia – even if in the eyes of anyone but Daryl, Sophia’s death was by no means her fault.

8 Morgan and Rick are The Walking Dead’s original best friends


The Walking Dead the original friendship is complicated. Although the pair remain two of the show’s greatest heroes, the duo often had disagreements during their stay after leaving King County. Morgan had his moral and his insistence that all life was precious, and Rick lost a good deal of his honor with the horrors he was forced to commit in order to protect his people. The nostalgia gives these friends extra points, but Rick and Morgan teaming up to face the dead never materialized as many fans had hoped, and a reunion seems incredibly unlikely.

7 Tara and Eugene’s bond made a deeply sad world laugh

tara and eugene the living dead

Two outcasts met in Tara and Eugene. At a time when the two survivors were in desperate need of companionship, the odd couple formed a surprising bond and their interactions led to some of The Walking Dead more humorous moments.

Neither were apparently suited to the post-apocalyptic world – Tara’s optimism and Eugene’s cowardice put them at the top of the list of least likely to survive – but for the time they have. lasted together, this pair offered warmth and comfort that served as a throwback. to how friendships were often before the end of the world.

6 Hershel and Rick were perfect

the undead hershel and rick at hershel farm

No duo in The Walking Dead run saw two men respect each other as much as Hershel Greene and Rick Grimes. That wasn’t always the case, of course – the couple were close to a feud at times – but they have proven to be honorable fighters in a world ruled by the dead. Hershel offered Rick great advice in Officer Friendly’s darker days, and in turn, Rick did all he could to protect the former vet turned heroic medic.

5 Eugene and Abraham advanced in the past being adversaries

abraham, eugene and rosita first appearance in The Walking Dead

The mule misfit and his protector have had a roller coaster relationship. Their bromance was initially based on lies thanks to Eugene’s vile plan to ensure his own survival, but after a serious beating from Abraham, Eugene learned one of his many post-apocalyptic life lessons.

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Eugene let his friend down, and his grief after watching Abraham die was unbelievably real. This is arguably what inspired Eugene’s bravery in helping to eliminate the Saviors.

4 Glenn has found a much needed father figure in Dale

Glenn and Dale VR talk in the living dead

Fans may remember Dale as a moral compass with an RV, but to Glenn Rhee he was a mentor and father figure after the world cruelly left the pizza boy with no family.

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Watching Glenn cry over Dale’s tragic death is still one of the The Walking Dead most heartbreaking moments. Glenn felt like he had let the old man down, but his friendship with Dale helped him become one of the most honorable and kind people on the show.

3 Negan and Judith are a lovely couple

The friendship of two thieves of shows, Negan and Judith are The Walking Dead least likely pairing. From a mean man with a bat to fan favorite Whisperer Killer, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been utterly fascinating to watch, and a big thank you to little Judith Grimes for helping to make Negan so adorable.

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Rick is about to take a serious shock if he ever returns, his daughter being friends with the big bad Sanctuary is not something he would have ever predicted. He will surely be a little understanding, as Negan has already directly saved Judith’s life on one occasion.

2 Rick and Daryl are The Walking Dead’s best brothers

the walking dead rick and daryl crouching with guns

Rick and his right-hand man share an indestructible bond after enduring so much tragedy and hardship over the years. Daryl Dixon didn’t seem like much to follow the pack, but in Rick Grimes he saw a leader and a friend worthy of his admiration and respect. In Daryl, Rick had the brother he only wished Shane could be more like.

They had their differences but in time of danger, it was two men who would die for each other. A bromance that trumps many The Walking Dead romances, Rick and Daryl have only one superior when it comes to post-apocalyptic buddies.

1 Daryl and Carol are The Walking Dead soulmates

The Walking Dead - Carol and Daryl Season 10 Episode 21

The Walking Dead Best Friends are unmatched when it comes to platonic passion, and while a romance has been teased with Carol as the instigator, walker fans are thrilled that this pair has chosen to remain friends throughout the series.

Daryl and Carol started out as opposites on the surface, but the abuse and trauma they both survived before the apocalypse brought them together. Best friends until the end and even after, the iconic pair are so popular they are expected to receive their own spinoff series after. The walking dead concludes.

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