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The very first Power Rangers have been revealed and they’re awesome


The very first Power Rangers team has finally been revealed, and they’re more incredible than anything fans could have hoped for.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Power Rangers Universe #15, available now from Boom! Studios.

For nearly thirty years, the Power Rangers have proven to be one of the most iconic teams in all of pop culture. And during that time, there have been more iterations of the team than most fans can keep up with. Somehow it’s taken all this time for the old Morphin Masters to finally make their own introduction, and Power Rangers Universe #2 by Nicole Andelfinger, Simone Ragazzoni, Mattia Iacono, and Ed Dukeshire has finally been worth the wait. Not only did the Morphin Masters just unlock the powers of the Morphin Grid, they became the very first Ranger team in history, though fans might not know it from watching them.

Orisonth/Zeo Blue Ranger

As the rest of his planet prepared to evacuate, it was Orisonth who made the decision to stay and repel the malevolent forces that had invaded it. They were also the ones who recognized the Morphinaut fans know best as the Phantom Ranger. Upon realizing that the Morphinaut was unable to safely house the raw grid energy it had been infused with, Ori and their friends used their Morphin Hearts to siphon off the excess, transforming them all into classic Rangers through the time, despite their only television appearance during 2014’s “The Legendary Battle” as a unified Squadron Rangers. In Orisonth’s case, the powers granted to them were those of the Blue Zeo Ranger III, originally wielded by Rocky DeSantos. Ori may not have a full understanding of the battle they are leading their friends into, but everything so far has proven him to be a truly capable leader in the face of such an epic crisis.

Aleia/Time Force Ranger pink

Aleia was the first to come to Ori’s aid during the evacuation of their homeworld. Despite being too shaken to speak at the sight of the attack on their planet, Aleia had no problem fighting the invading monsters on her own before she even gained her new powers. Her transformation into the Pink Time Force Ranger couldn’t be more fitting either, as her steadfast defense of those around her and genuinely caring attitude quickly established her as the heart of the team. Taking up the mantle of a legacy Ranger like Time Force’s Jen Scotts isn’t easy, though thanks to the show’s timeline, it might be Aleia who sets the precedent for what the Pink Time Force Ranger is supposed to be. be done.

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Phiro/Dino Ranger Yellow

Curious, thoughtful, and fiercely loyal, Phiro hasn’t thrown as many punches as his fellow Morphin Masters throughout their history so far, but that all seems to change sooner rather than later with his transformation into the Yellow Dino. Tidy. Phiro’s demeanor may be cool, calm, and collected, but in his new form, it’s more than obvious that he towers over the rest of his teammates, as well as several of the monsters they’ve faced before. The original Yellow Dino Ranger, Kira Ford, was one of the few veterans of her ilk to find a truly peaceful early retirement from Herodom, though the impact she left behind helped ensure her team would be considered one of the strongest for years. come. From the looks of Phiro’s iteration of that same role, that reputation will be safe and sound for a very long time.

Telosi / Green Samurai Ranger

Telosi quickly emerges as the most impetuous member of the team, not to mention the most explosive. Then again, he spent almost the entire series searching for a brother who, for all he knew until very recently, could have been left behind or killed when the Masterforge fell to invasion. While this stress and uncertainty caused him to lash out at and argue with some of his teammates, Telosi ultimately supported and fought alongside his team. For all his abrasiveness in the face of adversity, Telosi is still as worthy as any of his fellow Morphin Masters, and he’s the perfect choice to take up the mantle of the classic Ninja Storm team’s Green Samurai Ranger.

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Xev/Wild Force Black Bison Ranger

Xev, Telosi’s brother, was away from the rest of his friends in Namize when the invasion began. Fortunately, Xev did not lose his life in the attack, though he suffered the unfortunate fate of being corrupted and turned into one of Dark Specter’s monstrous foot soldiers. Luckily, it was in this form that he caught up with the rest of the Morphin Masters as they worked on a way to save the Morphinaut. Before Xev could do any harm, the Morphinaut used his powers to cleanse him of Dark Specter’s influence, both reuniting him with Telosi and giving him the chance to become the Wild Force Black Bison Ranger. As the only member of the team not previously seen as part of the Squadron Rangers during “The Legendary Battle”, his presence is a welcome addition to the roster, though it was never a list. particularly well-known to begin with. .

Rhian/Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

While it was Ori who guided her friends to where they are now, it was Rhian who took the initiative to investigate the invasion as it first unfolded. What she found was obviously gruesome, but it inspired her to take action to save the lives of others. Rhian’s stubborn attitude may send her straight into trouble, but it also makes her what might be the most reliable member of her team, especially when she’s so willing to put her own life in danger if it does. signifies a chance to ward off the threat of Dark Specter. A classic hero in almost every way, no other Morphin Master could embody the original Red Ranger like she did.

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