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The political quad that rules Australia


Australia is ruled by a political quadrilateral which, despite appearances of divergence, believes in the same things.

From New South Wales Liberal deputy leader Matt Kean to the political swamp to Greens leader Adam Bandt, there is not the width of a cigarette paper that separates their ideology.

Whether it’s Teal Zali Steggall or Labor Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, they’re on a unity ticket that embraces the band and sings Kumbaya.

Don’t think the fake makes fun of staffing levels in parliamentary offices – it’s just a sibling feud over who does the dishes.

This red/teal/blue/green quadrangle wants to shut down the coal mines, but not the fringe ideological movements inside our schools.

It doesn’t matter that the Great Barrier Reef is beautiful and our children are not.

Never mind that in Europe, where the reality is biting, the coal mines are opening up and there is a pushback against activism in education.

Evidence processing is not their thing.

For our quad, climate activism and critical race theory matter, not critical thinking.

Their policies are both cruel to the economy and cruel to children.

This is a political class that needs media advisors to ensure that the mainstream media can be spoon-fed as a publicity arm for quadruple ideas.

It’s a media arm run by the ABC, cashed in on $1.3 billion a year from taxpayers.

Freedom of expression no longer exists.

Ideas are applied via Cancel Culture.

Anti-discrimination laws are weaponized to protect the regime’s wounded feelings.

Don’t expect the quad to hit 18C anytime soon.

Willingly or reluctantly, members of the public are swallowing the propaganda relentlessly broadcast into their homes and smartphones.

This is especially the case in our affluent inner city suburbs where abundance has dulled the senses and insulated the hip pockets from reality.

Fighters in the suburbs rarely hear alternative viewpoints unless they’re watching Senators Matt Canavan, Claire Chandler, Alex Antic or minor party conservative players howling at the moon on sky after dark.

In the western suburbs, the population is more often subscribed to Kayo than Sky News Australia.

If only everyone watched Sky from 5pm to 10pm on weeknights or 9am to 11am on Sundays. The nation’s problems would be solved.

But, let’s face it, Sky does not move the dial during the election period and the quad knows it.

Despite the valiant efforts of truth tellers about Skyat The Spectator Australia, Advancethe ACLthe APIsand IEC – the message has not yet passed.

Instead of moving away from its left-wing slate under Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison, the federal Liberals continue to be blown away by the wind of Woke.

The left is so successful that the traditional liberal constituencies of the big city and leafy suburbs are on board.

Somewhere along the way, these former Blue Ribbon voters merged with the ideology of universities and the education system, both of which have been busy brainwashing a generation.

It seems that the new Liberal leader Peter Dutton, despite his sometimes conservative instincts, is frightened by this institutional realignment.

The first signs are not good. The courageous and transformational leadership our nation needs is not coming from the Coalition anytime soon.

Who wants to risk being labeled a Holocaust denier, bigot or transphobe by standing up to the media, academia or big tech?

Adam Bandt is the moral force behind the quad and is leading our nation down the road to ruin.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to see a way out of quadruple groupthink other than a catastrophe that brings us back to our senses.

Rampant inflation, an unstable power grid and confused children indicate an impending economic and social crisis.

The American political dean Henry Kissinger, although he is close to the end of the 90s, has just written a book on the political leaders of the second half of the 20th century.

Common to most of the six profiles is post-disaster leadership.

In the case of post-war German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, it was a matter of lifting a bruised people out of a self-inflicted catastrophe.

An extreme example for sure, but Australia’s problems are not benign, and they are all politician-induced.

Even the threat from the Chinese Communist Party has been compounded by our acceptance of Confucius Institutes on campuses and the complacency and mismanagement of defense.

Quoting historian Andrew Roberts, Kissinger reminds us that leadership is “as capable of leading mankind to the abyss as to the sunny highlands.” It is a protean force of terrifying power”.

We should be very afraid of the quad.

Australian politics give the appearance of choice. But rather than being spoiled, we are offered a false and dangerous choice.

Lyle Shelton is National Director of Family first.

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