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The mysterious superhero character could come from the Cell saga


Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero still has an unrevealed mystery character. Here’s why this person could be someone introduced during the Cell Saga.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes The mysterious character may be someone from the Cell Saga. When the film was first announced, DrAgon Ball creator Akira Toriyama promised the inclusion of a “unexpectedcharacter. Although the film’s Japanese release in April is getting closer and closer, the identity of the character has still not been revealed.

Since the film was first unveiled, a lot has been learned about Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes and its history. Trailers have confirmed that a major villainous group – the Red Ribbon Army – will be back. It looks like this new version of the Red Ribbon Army will create at least two new androids to fight the Z-Warriors. Gohan and Piccolo will lead the fight against them, with Pan, Krillin, Broly, Android 18, Goten, Trunks, Goku, and Vegeta all appearing in the film in some capacity. But while it gives Super hero a fairly large cast, the film could still hide some big surprises, especially since we still don’t know who Toriyama is”unexpected” is the character. It could theoretically be Broly, but as revealed right from the first trailer, it’s probably someone else instead.


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Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes story revolving around the Red Ribbon Army could be a sign that the mysterious character has ties to Cell Saga. After all, the organization was behind Cell’s story. In addition to Android 18, Dr. Gero of the Red Ribbon Army is responsible for creating three main dragonball characters, which are Perfect Cell, Android 16 and Android 17. If it’s Cell, he’d be a huge addition to the movie. Since Gohan (the one who killed him) seems to be one of the two central protagonists, Cell being Superheroes nasty secret would make a lot of sense. The problem with that is that Cell is such an important character that it’s hard to imagine the movie keeping him hidden for so long.

dragon ball android 16

Cell is of course the candidate for this role that gets the most attention, but both Android 16 and Android 17 are exciting alternatives. 16 was destroyed during the Cell Saga, but could be rebuilt and reprogrammed as a villain by Superheroes new red ribbon army. Android 16 being a hero who was forgotten by the anime after his death certainly qualifies him as “unexpected” character.

Android 17 might also do the trick for this role, although for different reasons. Dragon Ball Super made 17 a hero when he put him on Goku’s Universe 7 team, but it didn’t go so far as to make him a permanent member of the Z-Warriors. In other words, Dragon Ball Super didn’t create an expectation for him to be there for every battle. In this spirit, Dragon Ball Super: Super heroes might really surprise audiences by having Android 17 appear to help Gohan and Piccolo during the big fight. His presence might even be crucial to the story, especially since 17 killed Dr. Gero. If the Red Ribbon Army seeks revenge, he could be one of their many targets.

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