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Steph Curry’s incredible clapback to ESPN propels Warriors to eighth in the West


Even after the Warriors won their fourth NBA championship in eight seasons, the naysayers still exist and they’re adding more fuel to Golden State’s fire.

Steph Curry saw the latest matchup Friday night (Saturday in Japan, where the Warriors are currently playing preseason games against the Washington Wizards) and he couldn’t help but cheer.

Curry commented on a post from ESPN’s NBA account, which promoted a stat-based model that projects the Warriors will finish eighth in the Western Conference this season with 41.9 wins.

The four-time NBA champion responded using ESPN’s Basketball Power Index odds that saw the Warriors beat the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals. Prior to the start of the series, ESPN’s BPI thought Golden State only had a 14% chance of winning the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Of course, Curry led the way as the Warriors beat the Celtics in six games to reclaim their throne as champions.

Curry has been open about seeing everything, so it was only a matter of time before he had something to say about ESPN’s latest screening.

The Warriors, who won 53 games last season, don’t care about doubters. They have dealt with criticism for the better part of a decade. It leads them.

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If the Warriors surpass the projected 42-win mark and win another NBA championship next June, Curry and Co. will likely return to ESPN’s preseason pattern as the spark that ignited their title defense.

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