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Spider-Man: No Path Home | Zendaya reveals she hates the end of the movie – cvbj


Spider-Man: No Way Home – 92% managed to meet the expectations of the fans, who for months analyzed every detail to find out how this third installment would develop. While most of the surprises weren’t so much, the way they were used in the story was quite interesting and went beyond simple fan service. Tom Holland has always divided the hero’s followers, not because of his performance but because of how the character has been used within the MCU, but now this closure brings him closer to the comic as sad as it can be. for some people.

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For months now, the entire cast of the film has had to lie and hide relevant plot information. As is tradition at Marvel, secrets are kept as long as possible, even if a reporter tells them things to their face. However, now that a few weeks have passed since the premiere, the cast can finally answer some questions and talk more openly about Spider-Man’s legacy in the MCU and his possible future in Phase 4.

For Tom holland, the most interesting is to be able to talk about previous versions of Spider-Man. Since production began and it was revealed that various villains from the previous films would be part of the story, fans have accepted it as absolute truth that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will return in the famous Spidey costume. Beyond fulfilling many dreams of seeing them fight together, his appearance allows Parker to understand and shape many of the moral guidelines well known to readers. This left us with a more mature film with a bittersweet finish.

Spider-Man: No Path Home It has received excellent reviews from scholars and the public alike, but many can’t help but feel that while the Hero’s Path is one we’ve always hoped for, it’s also quite lonely and sad. Zendaya, who plays MJ, joins those voices who lament that the lesson for the character is so hard.

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In a recent interview for Marvel, Zendaya revealed how difficult it is for her to tell the media about the fun of shooting the movie knowing the ending, because it’s not quite to her liking:

I really hate being in these interviews saying things like “This movie is so much fun!” I cried throughout the tape. And the first thing I said at the end was, “This is unbelievably sad.”

Tom holland called the film “bittersweet”, but Zendaya don’t think the same:

He is? Because for me it’s just bitter. I don’t feel the soft part.

The two began to debate the ending, with Holland defending that Peter’s decision was the right one as now his name is clear and his loved ones are far from in danger, but Zendaya He insists that it is rather depressing not to have loved ones to share your life with:

He loses all his relatives.

They are never safe [porque son parte del UCM]!

Sorry, I wanted you to go to college together.

Holland added that the message is harsh, but necessary, and that the film is very entertaining despite the ending. For its part Zendaya believes that the third installment could cause tears in young viewers. At the end of Spider-Man: No Path HomeParker sacrifices a lot to make sure multiple universes don’t fall apart after the spell goes wrong. With the death of his aunt and best friends with no memory of him, Parker must start a new life on his own, with no money, no privileges, and no cutting edge technology. The biggest success of this closure is precisely that it served as a sort of origin story, where fans could find more aspects of Spider-Man than they had read in the comics.

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