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Samurai Soul Villain featured in behind the scenes video


International musical artist Miyavi has six successful world tours under his belt, a handful of roles in films like Kong: Skull Island, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, and more recently Kate, and now he’s taking on a whole new challenge: dubbing. In a new featurette for the Netflix animated film Brilliant: samurai soul, Miyavi discusses his work voicing villainous Kouketsu.

As Miyavi says in the featurette:

“I’ve never expressed myself using just my voice before. In fact, I’m good at emotions through my facial expressions, my tempo and my mood. I’m pretty good at it. It was quite a challenge for me. eliminate all of that and emote with just my voice. ”

Brilliant: samurai soul is a prequel animated film based on the ill-received blunder that was David Ayerthe 2017 movie starring Will smith and Joel edgerton.


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Miyavi plays Kouketsu, a “cold-hearted and emotionless” villain who tries to thwart Izou, Raiden, and Sonya on their journey. Additional voice actors include Yûki Nomura like ronin Izou, Daisuke hirakawa like Raiden, and Shion Wakayama like the elf Sonya.

Brilliant: samurai soul will debut on Netflix on October 12. Check out what Miyavi had to say about the role in the featurette below, and read the movie synopsis:

Bright: Samurai Soul takes place between the fall of the shogunate and the advent of the Meiji era, when a powerful brilliant light emitted from a wand ends the long period of the shogunate to prevent further bloodshed as Japan begins to move towards a new era. Amid these circumstances, a one-eyed wandering ronin named Izou, who has lost his reason for living, and Raiden, an orc who hates murder and hopes to leave behind a life of theft, separately meet a young elf girl named Sonya around the same time. Together, they set off on a journey along the Tokaido Road to bring her and the wand she holds safely to the land of the northern elves. In their path stands the mysterious Inferni organization, which aims to obtain the wand and revive the Dark Lord, who intends to rule over all of creation. Inferni also uses the new Meiji government to attempt to steal the wand of Izou, Raiden, and Sonya. Traveling along the Tokaido route from Kyoto to Yokohama, Izou and Raiden begin their journey to protect the wand.

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