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Queen Elizabeth II: The ultimate legacy of the longest reign…

Queen Elizabeth II

by Mesfin Arega

The best fate for Africa would be for the former colonial powers, or their citizens, to rush in its direction again; it being understood that this time they will not be asked to feel guilty. The continent may be a stain, but it is not a stain on our conscience… The problem is not that we were once in charge, but that we are no longer in charge.”

Boris Johnson, former Prime Minister of England

Queen Elizabeth II is the oldest reigning english monarch, English because Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are mere vassals, if not real colonies. His England was built exclusively on colonialism and slavery, everything in England or attributed to England being clear and irrefutable testimony to unprecedented colonial theft and appropriation. So Queen Elizabeth’s England has been in decline ever since she began losing her vast colonies and the sun began to set on her empire. It is still rich not because it is industrious or innovative, but only because it still benefits from its colonial past, mainly through the English language imposed by colonization and the so-called “rules-based international order”which is none other than a set of colonial-style western “I know about you” rules to control and exploit the non-Western world under the guise of freedom, democracy and human rights. Without those western colonial-style rules that the West itself tramples when it sees fitand the English language imposed by colonization, England will surely pass from the “first world” to the “third world” in a few years.

The English neocolonialist feels a sense of superiority for the sole reason that he is a native speaker of what is now the dominant international language. He is haughty of his mother tongue to the point of calling those who do not speak English subhumanconveniently forgetting that this very English was once considered unsuitable for science by its own scientists like Isaac Newton who wrote his classic works in Latin. He is the main driver of white supremacyhis favorite poetry being Nobel Prize winner”The White Man’s Burden”. He has the temerity to call Africa”The Hopeless Continentas if its own colonialism were not the main cause of Africa’s predicament. Its language is full of pejorative terms for black people (black market, black mark, black widow, etc.).

The one thing the English colonialist is best at is projection of non-existent power. He has no parallel in acting Herculean when in fact he is a dwarf. He roars like a lion though he is a treacherous rodent. He can only conquer the divided, and it’s unrivaled for splitting along fault lines and weakest links. He is always opportunistic and was aptly described by French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. All his victories are victories of opportunism, whether in Waterloo, during the first and second world wars, or in the Falklands. He’s adept at allying himself with the powerful, getting those powerful allies to do all the work and then claim the trophy for himself. He has has never, ever won a major international war on its own facing a moderately armed enemywhether in Gallipoli or in the American Revolutionary War.

True to his opportunist character, the English colonialist chooses his fights and, unless forced to do so, only fight with bare hands. This is how he was able to colonize Africa, North America, Asia and Australia. In particular, he set out to colonize Africa not because he thought Africans were inferior, as Boris Johnson would have us believe, but but only because he knew that the Africans did not have the weapons to fight him. Even so, he was saved from utter defeat by wielding spear-wielding African warriors, not by bravery or military skill, but by employing the weapons of mass destruction (ADM).

A case in point is the battle of Omdurman (September 2, 1898) in which a British regular army of 8,000 men (supported by 17,000 Egyptian troops) snatched victory from the jaws of defeat through the Maxim machine gun which could fire 600 rounds per minute. Africans, not Japanese, were the first victims of WMD, the English, not the Americans, were the first to use WMD, and Winston Churchill was the first statesman to publicly praise the use of WMD. You have to read Mr. Churchill to realize how elated he was by the devastating effects of WMD.

“Thus ended the Battle of Omdurman – the most brilliant triumph ever won by the arms of science over the barbarians. Within five hours the strongest and best-armed savage army ever deployed against a modern European power had been destroyed and dispersed, without any difficulty, with relatively low risk and insignificant loss to the victor. [Winston Spencer Churchill, The River War: An Historical Account of the Reconquest of the Sudan, page 164]

Queen Elizabeth named this sadist as his first prime minister praising him for the fact that no one could “never fill the place of my first Prime Minister for me”, knowing full well that his first prime minister was nothing but a full-fledged white supremacist. This, precisely, is the ultimate legacy of England’s longest-reigning monarch, who has spawned and will continue to spawn so many Churchill wants to become white supremacists like Boris Johnson both inside and outside England.

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