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PM Modi applauds Haryana CM for enrolling in Japanese course at Kurukshetra University


The Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar, is ready to become a student again as part of the Japanese course. He enrolled at Kurukshetra University (KU) and will study at the university. Khattar in August kicked off the Japanese Culture and Language Course at the University’s Alumni Meeting and was joined by alumni from over 21 countries online. Now he will also become the first student of the course.

This unique decision was applauded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who took to Twitter to appreciate Khattar. Modi wrote: “It’s wonderful to know. I have known @mlkhattar Ji for years and is someone who enjoys learning new things. Her decision to learn Japanese is another step in that direction. (sic) “

The administration of Kurukshetra University confirmed the CM’s enrollment and said it had paid the 10,000 rupee fee for the course, which was last submitted for November 22, Hindustan Times reported. The faculty is proud of this as the Chief Minister has become the first student to opt for the three-month online course.

According to Professor Brajesh Sawhney, chairman of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​at Kurukshetra University, the course is designed around the new national education policy and is aimed at ministers, government officials and senior officials. The course will help officials communicate better with Japanese officials and lay a solid foundation for areas such as economics, business, education and research between the two countries.

Prof Sawhney added that the basic certification course will include Japanese history, values ​​of Japanese life, basic knowledge of Japanese writing, pronunciation and vocabulary. Additionally, applicants will learn basic greetings used in everyday life and business meetings.

The courses CM Khattar will attend for three months will be held two days a week. To qualify for the Certificate of Completion, participants will take a language proficiency test and must complete a minimum number of courses to pass.

Khattar, in his class, will be joined by the Vice-Chancellor of Kurukshetra University, Professor Som Nath Sachdeva. In addition, the Principal Secretary, V Umashankar, and the Advisor, Pawan Chaudhary, will also be in the class of six.

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