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Playtime takes to new heights with dining experiences at Chase Center’s Fine Dining Theater Box


Most people don’t associate fine dining with sports arenas, but San Francisco’s Chase Center Arena wants to change that. Chase Center is the state-of-the-art 18,000-seat arena for the Golden State Warriors. Located in Thrive City, a 3.2-acre public space that features eateries such as Dumpling Time, Gott’s Roadside, and the newest addition, chef Tyler Florence’s Miller & Lux, Chase Center has had a strong dining scene since opening. in 2019.

In partnership with Bon Appétit Management Company, from the outset, the arena has been committed to featuring “Only in the Bay Area” experiences, which include Big Nate’s BBQ, paying homage to Warriors history and the late NBA Hall-of-: Nate Thurmond. Chase Center also offers the “Taste Makers at Chase Center” program to Bay Area businesses which directly benefits local owners through networking and education programs, in addition to selling their cuisine in the arena.

The latest culinary innovations? The Arena’s Theater Box dining experiences allow fans to enjoy a 5-star dining experience while watching one of the NBA’s top teams. Skip the hassle of booking a pre-game dinner somewhere and just kill two birds with one stone. Good food and a great view of the game.

At Chase Center, there are a total of 60 Tanduay theater boxes, along the two sidelines. Deluxe boxes feature plush private balcony seating, stunning views of the pitch, and can accommodate up to four people. Next to the boxes is where the restoration magic happens. Inside the club section of the theater are exclusive dining areas; a full bar; televisions for watching the action; and more. The all-inclusive experience includes premium cuisine, half-time snacks, and free wine and beer. It’s the ultimate arena experience.

A sample menu includes snacks like buttered popcorn, cheese and charcuterie, fresh focaccia and dip; salads like marinated mushroom salad with shiitake mushrooms, romaine lettuce, red peppers, rainbow carrot, cucumber and sesame; entrees that include teriyaki turkey meatballs with Japanese yams and bok choy; halftime bites such as hot dogs (and a vegan option) and beef stroganoff; and an assortment of desserts.

Upon purchase, you can also sip on specialty cocktails made with fresh ingredients like the Warriors Punch with bourbon, ginger liqueur, lime, and pineapple juice or the Zesty Squeeze with vodka , lemon and ancho reyes.

Everything is prepared from scratch on the day of an event made possible by the arena’s eight industrial-size kitchens. Not to mention that each restaurant also has its own micro-kitchen.

We spoke with Robbie Lewis, Regional Culinary Director at Bon Appétit Management Company, and John Beaven, Executive Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service, about new culinary events at the Chase Center. Here’s what they had to say.

What is the inspiration behind the menu? Will it change with the seasons?

Robbie Lewis: The inspiration is actually quite simple. It’s about feeding people the way I would like my family to be fed: fresh, high-quality ingredients prepared in interesting, familiar and fun ways. The Chase Center culinary program is rooted in the California philosophy of seasonal and local produce. Our menus often change approximately every 8 weeks to reflect the generosity of current farms.

What do you hope guests take away from a dining experience at the arena?

Robbie Lewis: That they are valued; that care and thought goes into their satisfaction. I am humbled every day when I hear our chefs talk about the guests and the hope that they will enjoy the cuisine. There is a lot of soul in food.

How has your previous experience in other restaurants prepared you for your role here?

Robbie Lewis: My personal business experience has always been guided by the mantra that there is no such thing as over-extending to hospitality for a guest and I think we do a good job here at Chase Center. If you want it, we’ll rack our brains to make it happen.

What is planned this year?

Robbie Lewis: One of the most exciting aspects of our food and beverage offerings is our Tastemakers program where we recruit small local food and beverage entrepreneurs and showcase their cuisine or home-made products. hand in our menus. We will be going into the community this year to identify people to complete next season’s contributions.

It is extremely rewarding to have the ability to provide hard-working, talented, and sometimes marginalized people with an opportunity to shine and, frankly, generate some hard-earned income. It is as fantastic as it is delicious!

We are delighted to offer truly fun and delicious game day buffets, featuring a curated selection of beverages and food such as:

  • A Small Batch Craft Beer Bar – A selection of craft beers featuring a great American:, ranging from the Bay Area to Maine!
  • A Guacamole Bar – Customize the ultimate game snack with our homemade gourmet guacamole bar with local haas avocados. Do it your way with a range of farm-fresh vegetables, spicy salsas and savory cheeses
  • A Gourmet Popcorn Bar – Treat yourself to fun and delicious buttered popcorn and flavored corn kernels: Cinnamon Toast, White Cheddar, Red Velvet, Caramel and Kettle, Unicorn Corn, Jalapeno Cheddar, Cookies and cream.

What inspired you to want to create a fine dining experience at Chase Center?

John Beven: We believe that a quality food and beverage program is an important part of the game night experience and have felt that this type of setting allows us to provide a fine dining atmosphere during a game.

Do you think other arenas will start to dabble in this type of restoration?

John Beven: Yes, we have seen a shift in the industry to try to create a more diverse set of experiences and we believe this product creates a more unique type of output. We expect more arenas to join this type of offer.

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