Payday loan without down payment – without equity for cheap car loan

A payday loan without a down payment is usually found in a car payday loan that can not be 100% financed. Car payday loans and home equity financing are at the top of the payday loan without down payment.

But especially in the field of car financing, it often happens that a down payment is required. That’s a cost factor that not everyone can meet.

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Payday loan without down payment – overview

Credit without deposit

payday loan without deposit – unbureaucratic & fast

A car is one of the everyday things we surround ourselves with today. For many consumers, however, a car is indispensable.

Getting to work can only be accomplished with a car, as well as visits to customers. Cars are expensive and very few consumers can pay for a car in cash.

You are looking for a payday loan without a down payment. But many car payday loans go along with a down payment.

Think of the balloon financing or the three-way financing. Since a deposit can already be thousands of euros.

The payday loan without down payment certainly has its advantages. Throughout the duration of the monthly load remains the same, it must be paid at the end of a high closing rate.

Similarly, the interest rate is fixed throughout the term. This gives consumers a good planning security.

Those who opt for a installment payday loan, but should pay attention to flexibility. As there were special repayments, increases and installment breaks.

Payday loan without down payment – payday loan from the bank

Many car buyers finance their car directly from the dealer. But they can escape hundreds of euros.

Because often the payday loan of the own house bank, but also with on-line banks is quite more favorable than with the car dealer. The customer can fully finance the purchase price of the car and act as a cash payer at the dealer.

This ensures very good discounts. Quite often there can be expected 20-30% depending on the model.

However, banks comprehensively check the payday loanworthiness of the customer. In addition to the sufficient and regularly incoming income, this should be above the attachment exemption limit.

The income ideally comes from a permanent job that is not fixed-term and does not include a probationary period. The customer must also be of legal age and resident here in Germany.

Other existing liabilities may have to be manageable. Anyone who is already facing over-indebtedness will not receive a payday loan.

Very important is the clean remark, in case of negative entries the payday loan can be rejected.

Payday loan without deposit – financing at the car dealer

Car buyers often opt for financing directly from the dealer. There, the car is selected and the dealer holds the appropriate payday loan ready.

However, customers are not allowed to expect any discounts with this financing. Thus, 0% financing with which car dealers attract customers may be more expensive than a bank payday loan with discount.

Customers should know that this 0% saving has already been added to the purchase price in advance. If the payday loanworthiness of the customer is not quite perfect, but was already a financing at the dealer concluded that went smoothly, so it could work this time also.

About a possibly negative entry, which is not so serious, see car dealers away. Even if the customer has a decent income.

In addition, the dealer offers various types of financing through the car bank.

Three-way financing or even balloon financing – first choice?

For a three-way financing or balloon financing car buyers decide if they want only a small monthly burden during the repayment period. With this funding, a model can be chosen, which otherwise could not be paid.

But this type of financing has its pitfalls. So at the end of the term is the high final rate.

If customers can save the final installment with reserves or if a larger sum of money from a savings scheme is expected, this is no problem. But very few do.

For example, the final installment often requires further funding. It should be noted that this is not always cheap.

She also often fails. Especially when the financial situation of the customer has deteriorated.

The car would then have to be sold. But if he does not bring the equivalent of the final installment, an amount is open, which nevertheless has to be paid.

Three-way financing – when appropriate?

This car financing pays off only if reserves can be formed at the same time as the monthly burden. Even if a larger sum of money from a savings contract is expected, with the final installment could be paid.

But if the car has to be returned because the final installment can not be financed, the customer may incur unforeseen costs. Often the agreed mileage is exceeded or the car has significant damage.

This of course reduces the value of the car. In the end, the situation may arise, the car is gone and yet not fully paid.

Payday loan without down payment – financial position put to the test

Before even thinking about buying a car, your own finances should be checked. Especially with a payday loan without down payment, the customer finances yes the full purchase price, which results in a higher payday loan amount.

Whether and how much he can afford then can be checked with a so-called revenue / expenditure plan. Only if this calculation yields a surplus, the payday loan should be tackled without down payment.

The payday loan installments should be determined firstly to fit into the monthly budget and secondly to be able to be paid if the financial situation changes. One thinks of an unexpected unemployment or a serious illness with subsequent sick pay or even a disability.

These scenarios inevitably bring less income.

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