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Over the years: our best October stories


Take a stroll through the past with THIS as we highlight some of our favorite stories from last October.

To conclude Longmirelast season to share the latest fall fashion trends to rank our favorite John Wayne and John Ford movies – VS&The October issues of I are filled with the best of the West. Because it would be impossible to pick our favorite number, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite October stories. Happy reading, friends!

Tthe magnificent seven

Problem: October 2016
Extract: It’s the story of seven mercenaries who come together to defend a small town from ruthless bandits. They may be outnumbered, but they are determined to help the poor and they are ready to fight. 1960 cinema The Magnificent Seven– a western reimagining of Akira Kurosawa Seven Samurai – has become a true classic thanks to this premise and the characters who made it happen. Actors Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen and Eli Wallach led a packed cast under the direction of John Sturges, with an iconic musical score by Elmer Bernstein.

Photograph: Courtesy of Sony

The end of a trip to Longmire

Problem: October 2017
Extract: For loyal viewers of Longmire , the modern-day Western crime drama based on the Craig Johnson novel – and, yes, you can count most of us rolling for the THIS makes a mark in this fan group – the start of Season 6 can’t come soon enough. Granted, this particular 10-episode series will likely be a deeply mixed blessing no matter how great those episodes might be, as it will be the last season of the series Netflix picked up in 2014 when it was canceled by A&E ( apparently because it appealed to an older demographic that was not appealing to advertisers, although it scored respectable three-season ratings on the cable network).

Photograph: Ursula Coyote / Courtesy of Netflix

The Ford Wayne 14

Problem: October 2014
Extract: The professional partnership – of Wayne as star, Ford as director – has created some of the most respected and admired films ever made. Their association dates back to the 1920s, when Ford was making silent films and Wayne was a student at the University of Southern California. Prior to being Hollywood’s most popular Western actor, The Duke was a props, stuntman, and appearing in several Ford productions, including Four sons (1928), A strong boy (1929), and The black watch(1929).

Photography: United Artists / Photofest

Art gallery: Jack Malotte

Problem: October 2019
Extract: For 40 years, the works of Jack Malotte have captured the beauty of the Grand Bassin region and have spoken of the political and environmental issues that plague it. A tranquil landscape; a stormy night sky; a stoic Native American smoking cigarettes and wearing sunglasses in a mining setting with a military jet and an eagle above his head; a depiction of a nuclear future that would be strikingly beautiful if it weren’t for the gruesome subject matter – the soft-spoken artist’s work speaks loudly.

Photography: courtesy of Jack Malotte

The extraordinary life of Rory Feek

Problem: October 2020
Extract: When Rory Feek looks out of the house window on her Tennessee firm, he sees two things that will mark his history forever: on his left, the cross commemorating the place where his late wife, Joey, is buried; to his right, the special school he built for their young daughter, Indiana, with Down’s syndrome. This is the life Feek is living now, building his own version of Mayberry in Columbia, also known as Muletown for the mules that were trained for military service here during WWI.

Photography: Courtesy of The Presshouse

More than an Indian taco

Problem: October 2013
Extract: What we call fried bread is widely believed to have originated on the Long March, the forced march led by Colonel Christopher “Kit” Carson and the American Cavalry in 1864 that moved thousands of Navajo to Bosque Redondo in New Mexico. . Along the way, the displaced American Indians were forced to subsist on the limited US government rations allocated to them. Processed flour, salt, and sugar were combined and fried in lard to make a kind of bread that would be a part of Indigenous food culture for years to come.

Photography: courtesy of Tocabe

Mountain moods

Problem: October 2019
Extract: There weren’t any snowmobiles available, but that didn’t stop the pursuit of après-ski inspiration for our fall 2019 fashion shoot. Honey Hollow Ranch, a worthy wedding and special event venue. a log cabin, resplendent with stone hearths and knotty pine, served as the mountainside backdrop for this edition THIS Photo shoot.

Photography: Scott Slusher

Sweet Home Alabama

Problem: October 2018
Extract: Pines rooted in the rich, the black topsoil of southern Alabama dominates the mossy wetlands of the lower half of that Gulf state. It is in this part of the country, where behind a wooded curtain hide open fields at the bottom of the marshes, that a Birmingham-based family decided to build on their own land.

Photography: William Abranowitz

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