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Now is the best time for a Pokémon Conquest sequel


Pokémon Conquest came out 10 years ago and hasn’t been seen since. Now on Nintendo Switch is the best time for him to make a comeback.

The Nintendo Switch is in a prime place to resurrect one of the Pokemonare beloved but often forgotten spin-offs, Pokémon Conquest. Pokémon Conquest is a turn-based strategy RPG originally released for the Nintendo DS in 2012. Players fought to maintain control of the Ransei region, allocating their troops to different areas to hold them back and potentially capture neighboring lands .

This particular gameplay element comes from the Koei Tecmo series Nobunaga’s ambitionin which players take control of units based on historical characters from the Sengoku era to re-enact, unsurprisingly, Nobunaga’s ambition to unify Japan. Pokémon Conquest is a crossover with this series, which is most evident in Japan, where the game is clearly titled Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition. The name was probably changed internationally due to the general public’s lack of familiarity with the Nobunaga’s ambition series, as most of its games were not localized from their original Japanese releases.


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Pokémon ConquestThe unique mix of elements from doesn’t end there, however: the character designs of historical figures, which combine with various Pokémon to form a unit similar to Pokemon Master EXsync pairs are taken from the samurai warriors series. samurai warriors is one of the many products of Koei Tecmo Warriors series, this one focusing on the Sengoku era. With so many different influences, Pokémon Conquest was a truly one-of-a-kind title that unfortunately saw no return. However, now is the perfect time for such a revival, as the success of the Nintendo Switch has also led to increased demand for what would otherwise be considered Conquest‘s more niche items.

Successful SRPGs on Switch should pave the way for another Pokémon conquest

Pokemon Conquest Daimyou with Pikachu Lampent and Triangle Strategy Sprites of Serenoa and Benedict

A Pokemon title will always enjoy some success due to the series’ unwavering popularity. The same goes for Switch games in general, thanks to the sustained lifetime sales of the Nintendo Switch. But these two elements alone should not justify a new Pokémon Conquest when there is also increased interest in SRPGs compared to before. Nintendo’s Own fire emblem the series had its most successful outing to date with Fire Emblem: Three Housesand even Triangle strategy saw some impressive numbers considering its SRPG genre and brand new IP status. The growing appeal of SRPGs – which are finding an effective home on the handheld Nintendo Switch – now makes the perfect time to Pokémon Conquestis back.

A new Pokémon conquest would fit perfectly into Koei Tecmo’s Nintendo crossovers

Koei Tecmo continues to support most of its crossovers with Nintendo IPs. With Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity in the extension of the two Hyrule Warriors and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildand the next Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes in the extension of the two Fire Emblem Warriors and Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it is clear that Koei Tecmo’s partnerships with the Nintendo series are going well. A new foray into the world of Pokémon Conquest would be another great opportunity to reintroduce one of Koei Tecmo’s previous crossovers with a Nintendo franchise.

It would also be a fantastic opportunity to diversify Pokémon Conquest Even further. While a new Pokémon Conquest should follow in the footsteps of the SRPG of its predecessor, the characters – and Tecmo Koei’s continued support of Nintendo Warriors spin-offs – make this a great series to fit into a Warriors spin-off of its own. A hack-and-slash game would already be a welcome addition to the pantheon of Pokemon the spinoffs of the series, and even more if it can build on Pokémon Conquestits unique world and fun characters.

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