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New microtransaction guidelines implemented by UK to promote transparency


The UK ASA has created new guidelines for microtransactions, which specify the type of language to be used in advertisements to avoid misleading players.

As of Monday, September 20, the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) expanded its guidelines for microtransactions to make advertising for in-game purchases less ambiguous. The struggle for lawmakers to control microtransactions and loot boxes has raged in countries around the world for many years now. Gradually, more and more laws have been changed or added to control microtransactions, with one of the most recent events being a potential ban on loot boxes in Australia for anyone under the age of 18.

In-game purchases are the cornerstone of countless free games in the world today, and they even appear in paid games. Games like Fortnite earn billions of dollars through microtransactions, but you don’t expect to buy them from a gameplay standpoint. In such situations, microtransactions can be considered harmless in many ways, especially when these purchases are purely cosmetic. The moral line is blurred, however, when it comes to so-called “Pay to win” games and mechanics. In the case of Fortnite, Epic Games regularly releases new outfits, such as the latest Tom Hardy-inspired Eddie Brock outfit, which can be purchased, but they have no effect on a player’s in-game abilities. the coin, EA ended up in hot water when Star Wars: Battlefront II was released with the option to pay for Star Cards which increased the effectiveness of various weapons and abilities in the game.

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While the new ASA regulations would take this particular situation into account ”Out of reach,“They define in more detail what is acceptable in the UK in terms of advertising for in-game purchases. Kotaku points out that in-game items that can be obtained exclusively through real-world currency must contain items such as “how many gems or coins you currently have, how many you will need to obtain the item and how much it will cost you.”Buzzwords like “Best value!” with regard to bundles, stricter rules should also be observed; anything that refers to cost should relate to the final price of a lot, and references to value should refer to the unit cost of the lot. This is in order to avoid misleading consumers, as virtual currency often does not have a real conversion rate. It is also possible that it helps when games like Pokemon unite allow greater progression through microtransactions, which makes it easy to get drawn into a hasty purchase in order to keep playing.

This new guideline does not apply to all microtransactions the same. It should be noted that while these requirements do not apply to virtual currency that can be earned in the game, they extend to items that can be purchased with virtual currency when that currency is only available through a purchase. real. An example of this situation would be the purchase of chests or skins in League of Legends because these are paid for with Riot Points, which can only be acquired through a purchase. The ASA also notes that the new guidelines are not intended to decide the morality of loot boxes or imply anything regarding their potential connection to gambling.

Government laws and regulations can have crucial effects on publishers and game developers, as seen when Tencent’s value fell by $ 60 billion due to China’s gaming laws. Without necessarily changing Tencent’s business practices, China has cost the holding company huge sums of money by limiting the time minors are allowed to play games per week. Since microtransactions are so critical to the income of some of the biggest game developers and publishers, it’s easy to see how the laws around them can have such drastic implications. Nonetheless, the battle to regulate the practice continues, and it is only a matter of time before more regulations are put in place around the world.

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