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Nagaland: Lawyers urged to uphold the highest ethical standards | MorungExpress


Participants of the state-level training program for lawyers and panel attorneys at SIRD Conference Hall, Kohima, October 22. (Photo courtesy of NSLSA)

Kohima, October 22 (MExN): Secretary (Judicial), Department of Law and Justice, Government of Nagaland, Nino Iralu, NJS, addressed the inaugural program of the State Level Training Program for Lawyers and Panel Advocates at SIRD Conference Hall , Kohima, October 22.

An update from the NSLSA said that calling for maintaining the highest ethical standards, she reminded lawyers in legal services to remain independent of the power and pressure of money and to be honest with their integrity so that the services rendered are indisputable and to the satisfaction of the recipient.

Iralu asked lawyers in Legal Services to pay more attention to explaining the law and legal advice to anyone who comes to them, noting that lawyers do not normally open up when money is not available. It is not at stake what the public or common people are reluctant to approach or ask for help from lawyers. .

The speaker referred to legal services lawyers as harbingers of authority and asked them to remain more focused and disinterested leaders, proactive in accepting responsibility for providing effective legal services to the common man, emphasizing particularly on the marginalized part of the population, even more so on children. victims, child offenders, missing children in our sectors.

Iralu said it was crucial for panel and retainer attorneys to spend more time with the Trial Prisoners (UTPs) they represent in court while observing that the lack of one-on-one interaction with their clients results in a misrepresentation of the facts of the case or perhaps the interpretation of the law in relation to the case is overlooked.

Apart from better presenting the facts of the cases, it will also open up the possibility of re-appealing the case to the higher court which can reach the level of the High Court or the Supreme Court. She encouraged taking up the appeal as legal service institutions are also present at the top level calling to take the privilege.

“Cases on appeal also give us the opportunity to learn more,” Iralu said.

The Secretary also asked the senior attorneys on the panel who have much more experience in the DLSA to mentor junior and future volunteer attorneys and paralegals in professional or proper legal matters without focusing on the financial aspect, emphasizing emphatically that most POS displays come from different backgrounds. than legal. She said it was also important to connect the VSPs to different stakeholders and district authorities.

Iralu added in this regard that it should also be done with the knowledge of the district president and secretary for a result-oriented activity and in the right perspective.

Speaking of creating legal awareness, the speaker felt that DLSAs should focus on acts in which cases or complaints are likely to arise.

Empowering people through legal education and assistance
NSLSA Member Secretary Victo Sema, NJS, delivering the keynote address, recalled the critical role lawyers in legal services play in spreading the mission of legal services.

Sema said the mission is to empower the marginalized and economically weaker section through legal awareness and assistance. He however said that without upgrading and improving the knowledge and skills of lawyers, the base would not be empowered.

The Member Secretary asked lawyers to be aware of their duties in exercising the Constitutional Occupation. “No civilization, country or society will develop and prosper when the majority of the population lives in poverty and without any access to justice,” he added.

He said that was why the preamble of the constitution made the solemn promise to provide justice to all its citizens for social and economic empowerment and to strengthen the aspiration, Article 39 A was inserted into the Constitution which gave rise to the legal services legislation. Authority Act.

During the training session, resource person Mezivolu Therieh, NJS, Judge and District and Session Chairman, Phek DLSA spoke on the Constitutional Perspective of Legal Services and the Legal Services Authority Act; Seyielenuo Mezhu, NJS,

The Chief Judicial Magistrate and Secretary, Dimapur DLSA, spoke about attorney skills: Criminal: drafting, questioning of witnesses and arguments.

Senior Advocate, Gauhati High Court, Kohima Bench, R. Iralu dwelled on Quick Look at Civil Procedure Code and Practices.

Wonchibeni V Patton, NJS, Chief Judicial Magistrate and Secretary, Mokokchung DLSA spoke on Overview of Cybercrimes and Cyberlaw: Types of Cybercrime, Legal Provisions and Its Prevention and Temjenmoa, Attorney, Gauhati High Court, Kohima Bench presented the development of skills on communication with customers and advice.

The training was attended by 46 attorneys and attorneys from the group representing all District Legal Services authorities in the state.