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Moose Toys Announces “Akedo” Franchise and Licensing Program



Moose Toys is about to launch Akedo – Ultimate Arcade Warriors, a brand that combines combat figures on a micro-collectible scale. Akedo will be supported by a large-scale marketing campaign.

The campaign kicks off today with the release of a trailer for a brand new animated series, produced in partnership with WildBrain’s AVOD for children and families network, WildBrain Spark. In addition, WildBrain CPLG will manage the licensing program. Nickelodeon will feature The Akedo Super Ultimate Ultimate Tournament, a branded lineup video featuring an exclusive bracket-style tournament that fans can watch on Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel.

Derived from the Japanese word for arcade, Akedo has a retro gaming look and combines it with children fighting one-on-one with 39 warriors, including ninjas, robots, gladiators, and Vikings, alongside teddy bear, a dinosaur and clowns.

“Our success in the boys aisle with the Treasure X and Heroes of Goo Jit Zu lines has made Moose a great innovator in the toy category,” said Ronnie Frankowski, Marketing Director, Moose Toys. “We are doing everything we can with the launch of Akedo. By combining our expertise in collectibles, WildBrain’s cutting-edge approach to content and licensing, and Nickelodeon’s ability to create trendy interactive events for its highly engaged and loyal audience, Akedo is uniquely positioned to deliver a resounding success. It’s the most dynamic fighting toy ever, and with great collection capacity and captivating entertainment, we deliver a complete experience that meets kids right where they are. It’s a bold move that is in line with the Moose WOW innovation. Akedo is the next global mega-hit in the boys’ action franchise.

“Having successfully managed Moose’s YouTube strategy for several years at WildBrain Spark, we know how incredibly engaged kids are with their content online,” says Rachel Taylor, Commercial Director, WildBrain Spark. “As more children’s brands embrace digitally-driven launch strategies, it’s only natural to extend our Moose partnership to the integrated production, distribution and licensing offering of WildBrain for the Amazing New Akedo franchise. Moose has a great track record of delivering toys that kids love, and we’re confident Akedo will be a big hit both on and off screen.

“Working with Nickelodeon, we created an action-packed interactive component for the product launch, The Akedo Super Ultimate Ultimate Tournament, which literally brings the Akedo experience to life in a way that no other partner could. do, ”says Frankowski. “Moose has a long-standing relationship with Nickelodeon, but this is the first time we’ve partnered with them for an ‘as live’ branded event. Tap into Nickelodeon’s top group of influencers to introduce Akedo to kids and this absolute top-level game will be entertaining and show how the game is played by enthusiasts that kids can relate to.

“Through this collaboration with Moose Toys, Nickelodeon continues to push the boundaries by creating innovative content and experiences that appeal to fans of all ages,” said April L. McKenzie, Vice President, Kids and Family Activation , Velocity, ViacomCBS. “The Akedo Super Ultimate Ultimate Tournament not only highlights the exciting launch of this new action-based toy, but also offers children and families the opportunity to be in the center of the action. “

Ahead of The Akedo Super Ultimate Tournament event, which kicks off on August 8, influencers such as Ninja Kidz, Onyx Kids, Kyle’s Toys & Games, and Ohana Boys will share content that shows how they train for battle. On August 15, the event will be broadcast live on Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel hosted by digital creator and YouTube star Nathan of Unspeakable calling for action until August 21. Watch it after August 21 on Moose’s YouTube channel, MooseTube Mania.

Akedo will launch on Walmart.com and Amazon in July and in stores at all major retailers in August.



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