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McDonald’s Samurai Burgers (Beef, Chicken) and McShaker Seaweed Fries Join Menu for a Limited Time


That much, Mcdonalds seasonal Samurai burgers and Seaweed Shaker Fries are part of the year for many Singaporeans. Like mooncakes, bak kwa (Chinese sweet cured meat), and whole turkeys, the year isn’t over until we’ve tasted those juicy patties and all that seaweed umami powder. . The difference is that instead of celebrating another festival or special occasion of abstract cultural significance, the only thing McDonald’s seasonal offerings celebrate is their own flavor that thrills the taste buds, makes your mouth water and cuts your appetite.

The Samurai Burger comes in two variations – chicken and beef, and, with the option for a single or double patty. The tender patties are dipped in McDonald’s signature sweet and salty teriyaki sauce that makes uncontrollable moans of pleasure more than it conjures up almost impossible to suppress, with crisp lettuce that resembles the frills of a lace dress floating in the back. summer wind. And all of that delicious goodness is kept between the confines of two toasted buns, defying the known physical laws of nature by containing an amazing flavor that extends to infinity.


As if life couldn’t be better, the Seaweed McShaker Fries are also back. Although this is a seasonal item, Singaporeans likely ate enough McShaker seaweed fries to fill a portion of the ocean large enough to be seen by the naked eye from the moon. Umami seaweed powder doesn’t need to be introduced, those who have tried it know full well how it can, like the shadow of the Bodhi tree, take golden fries to a whole new realm. of ambrosia succulence. It’s not an addiction, Seaweed McShaker Fries are a way of life.

Samurai Burgers are available from $ 6.20 (single) and $ 8.20 (double), and McShaker seaweed fries can be enjoyed by increasing your meal to a supplement $ 0.80.

Prizes and offers such as S $ 1 McShaker Seaweed Fries and S $ 2 Off the Oversized Samurai Burger Meal can be won for a limited time on the McDonald’s app. Fill out your Happy Meter and unlock The Samurai Sprint in My happy place Game to enjoy all that McDonald’s has to offer!

Items will be back on the menu from September 30, 2021. However, for those who just can’t wait, the Samurai Beef Special will be available on September 29, 2021 from 11am via McDelivery. The Samurai Beef Special consists of a single Samurai Beef Burger patty, McShaker seaweed fries and medium jasmine green tea.

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