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McDonald’s Samurai Burger is back on the menu


McDonald’s Samurai Burger returns

With McDonald’s recent reintroduction of their Quarter Pounder with Cheese comes another piece of news: the Samurai Burger is back on the menu starting today, September 22, 2022!

McDonald’s S’pore Teases Return of Samurai Burger, Fans Hope Seaweed Shaker Fries Will Return Too

On September 17, the fast food giant teased the return of the beloved burger in an Instagram post, which featured a poster of samurai-like armor with the cryptic message, “It’s coming.”

samurai burger seaweed fires chicken burger

Fans of the McDonald’s Samurai Burger series will know exactly what to expect with this burger: a beef or chicken patty coated in a sweet and sticky teriyaki sauce, finished with crunchy lettuce and creamy mayonnaise. The components are held together by soft sesame buns. Single and double pancake options are available.

samurai burger seaweed fires
Image credit: McDonald’s Singapore

The Seaweed Shaker Fries is also making a comeback as part of the Samurai burger meal. Freshly fried thin fries are served with an addictive, umami-packed seaweed seasoning powder, so you can pour in your desired amount and shake it before enjoying.

You can get two value-added meals for $21 on the McDelivery website! This comes with two single Samurai burgers, two large Shaker fries, and two drinks.

Pricing for the individual meal has yet to be confirmed, but we’ll update the story as we have more information.

McDonald’s McPepper returns with exclusive Pokémon packaging from September 1, 2022

McDonald’s also recently brought back its McPepper burger, dressed in adorable Pokémon-themed wrappers. Each McPepper comes with two beef patties with a mild black pepper glaze, topped with onions.

In other fast food news, Shakey’s Pizza has landed on our shores, straight from the Philippines! The famous pizza chain is now at Lucky Plaza, serving handmade pizzas, fried chicken and more.

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