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Mavs Donuts: Kristaps Porzingis Rumored Trade Names: How Realistic For Dallas?



It has already been an offseason of significant changes for the Dallas Mavericks with Donnie Nelson and Rick Carlisle both leaving their long-standing positions. Could other changes be on the horizon in terms of Kristaps Porzingis trading?

It is reasonable to know why the conclusion would be that trading in Porzingis is the right decision in a vacuum. Even playing alongside Luka Doncic, he proved unable to fight a small ball with an inability to display shifts and ineffective defense in space.

There is, however, plenty of room to debate the merits of trading Porzingis. The Clippers turned out to be a particularly troubling clash due to their small-ball abilities, which also ended up being too much for the seeded Utah Jazz.

Would it be wise to sell cheap on Porzingis after losing a playoff series that reached the Western Conference Finals? There were definitely some shortcomings, but he still offers value against traditional big men and this is useful in most contexts.

It might be wise for Porzingis to restore some of its value before next year’s trade deadline. Unless, of course, both sides want a fresh start, then the landscape changes.

With Kristaps Porzingis lacking in business value at the moment, Superstars or All-Stars just won’t be achievable in a trade. The Mavericks also don’t have what it takes to put together a compelling overall business package.

Here are some of the league players who have been mentioned in trade rumors. Could some be potential options in a Porzingis trade?

DONUT 1. Zion Williamson, F, New Orleans Pelicans

Do not arrive. It would take a team with an insane reserve of NBA Draft picks for a deal to work, even if it were on the table. Think of the Oklahoma City Thunder, not the Mavs.

DONUT 2. Damian Lillard, G, Portland Trail Blazers

A superstar like Damian Lillard should ask to be traded. If he were to do so, the Mavericks simply wouldn’t have an elite young player or collection of premium NBA Draft assets to offer.

DONUT 3. Bradley Beal, G, Washington Wizards

This is another case where a top player is out of the Mavericks’ reach in terms of a potential commercial package. Many other teams would have more important assets to offer.

DONUT 4. Karl-Anthony Towns, C, Minnesota Timberwolves

While that’s another fun, the Timberwolves haven’t signaled they’ll be rebuilding. Anthony Edwards will have a full offseason to develop and the team are in good health, so it’s not possible to pull the plug now.

DONUT 5. Ben Simmons, F, Philadelphia 76ers

From a 76ers perspective, the team has already seen what happens when they surround Joel Embiid with another center during the Al Horford experience. It didn’t work … so why move an elite defender to Ben Simmons in exchange for Porzingis?

DONUT 6. CJ McCollum, G, Portland Trail Blazers

From the Trail Blazers’ perspective, the priority would be to tackle their terrible defense if CJ McCollum were to be traded. Acting for Porzingis would probably not help in this regard, while weakening their attack.

DONUT 7. Andrew Wiggins, F, Golden State Warriors

There have been scenarios mentioning Andrew Wiggins as a potential trade target in a Porzingis exchange in the past, but trading values ​​have since changed. With the way the playoffs showed the value of the small ball, Draymond Green and James Wiseman are enough for a combination, so Porzingis wouldn’t be attractive.

DONUT 8. Lauri Markkanen, F / C, restricted free agent

There have already been rumors linking Lauri Markkanen to the Mavericks due to her interest in playing for them. His shooting ability would be welcome, but he almost has the exact limits of Porzingis. The call would use Markkanen’s pay difference … but it’s still not an ideal option.

DONUT 9. Kemba Walker, G, OKC Thunder

Assuming the Thunder intend to continue the long-term rebuilding process, redirecting Kemba Walker to a new team is a real possibility. There are obvious concerns about Walker’s health that should be weighed before proceeding.

DONUT 10. Lonzo Ball, G, Restricted Free Agent

It would be costly to get Lonzo Ball to sign with the Mavericks and the Pelicans have the ability to match any offer he signs. It would take a sign and an exchange to do something. He improved his jumper to 3 points but remains a non-factor as a hit maker. New Orleans could use a stretch five, so it’s at least viable.

DONUT 11. PJ Washington, F / C, Charlotte Hornets

A team with plenty of cap room and a need for a long term frontcourt response is the perfect trading partner for the Mavericks in a Kristaps Porzingis trade. A deal centered on PJ Washington would likely be the title of a potential comeback.

DONUT 12. Myles Turner, C, Indiana Pacers

A direct trade for Myles Turner involving Porzingis seems highly unlikely given the Pacers are expected to resolve their frontcourt stalemate with a move involving the NBA’s main shot blocker. However, a creative three-team exchange could be intriguing depending on what ends up going to Indiana.



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