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Marvel’s Wild West Avengers Need Their Own Series Immediately


After the Avengers’ modern Wild West adventure, a full series should be in the works with Earth’s Mightiest Gunslingers.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Avengers #59While modern times avengers have just met their Wild West ancestors, this unique adventure deserves a full-fledged series featuring Earth’s Mightiest Gunslingers. Currently at Marvel avengers, the demon lord Mephisto and his multiversal council are on the hunt for the genesis point of the heroes who gave birth to the very first Avengers team. Wanting to protect their ancestors from impending destruction, today’s Avengers have traveled back in time, visiting various eras of past heroes who once wielded their powers. However, the Wild West certainly has the most potential for its own series.


Previously in avengers from writer Jason Aaron and artist Javier Garrón, Earth’s Mightiest first traveled to the 1940s where they helped the “soldier supreme” fight the Nazis. They then ventured to the Edo period where they encountered the Samurai of Vengeance known as Ghost Ronin. Now the Avengers have arrived in the Wild West where Mephisto has equipped an entire group of criminals with guns and infernal powers.

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As seen in the new Avengers #59, Reno Phoenix and the Starbrand Kid are the latest past Avengers to be featured, two Wild West partners who unleash their incredible abilities with their six-guns and horses, galloping through the skies while shooting down invading alien starships in Earth orbit. However, a surprise attack from the Devil’s Posse proves to be too much for the duo, though they receive just-in-time backup from the current Avengers.

As the Wild West is finally saved from the tyranny of Mephisto and those who sold their souls to the Demon Lord, there are many more stories that could and should be told in this era. For example, this new issue only reveals two Western Avengers in the form of Reno Phoenix and the Starbrand Kid. It would certainly be interesting to see other heroes from this era wielding the primordial powers such as the Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, Moon Knight or even a theoretical Sheriff Supreme.

Considering the fact that superhero movies have saturated cinema and pop culture much like the western did before it, there’s a lot of shared DNA across genres that could be expanded upon with some sort of series.” Avengers of the Wild West”. While it could certainly take place in the past of the main Marvel 616 continuity as tales lost in time, it could also go Marvel’s way. 2099 Where Old Man Logan comics that take place in alternate universes. Anyway, this new issue of avengers proves the potential for a full series set in the Wild West. Avengers #59 is on sale now.