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Marvel gets a lot of backlash against new Punisher logo



It was an exciting announcement for punisher fans when it was revealed the character will be featured in an all-new comic book series. The new number 13 punisher The series is said to reintroduce the beloved character, and that will also include a new logo in place of his iconic skull. While still quite similar, the new logo looks more like a samurai mask. As such, some Marvel fans are now calling the company, claiming the new punisher The skull logo is an example of cultural appropriation – while others are just upset by the change in the skull logo.

It’s quite ironic, given that the previous skull logo was also a subject of controversy. Many groups have used the previous one punisher the skull logo to represent their own agendas, which people involved in comics have always frowned upon. In fact, many fans have complained about this as well. As such, it makes sense that Marvel would want to change the logo of their new punisher Course. Sadly, it appears that claims of cultural appropriation have already sparked controversy over this new logo.

As you can see from some of the reviews below on Twitter:

Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, began using the new logo after being tasked with a group of Japanese assassins. In this context, it makes sense for the logo to look like it is. Sadly, given that Frank Castle was not previously a part of Asian culture, it also makes sense for some to complain about the appropriation. Only time will tell if Marvel will react to any of these controversies or keep pushing. punisher forward as planned. With that in mind, some responses have even been positive – and one person has even theorized how that might lead to the introduction of Frank Castle’s MCU.

The new 13-issue series was written by Jason Aaron and features work by the dynamic duo Jesus Saiz and Paul Azaceta. The series will take place in both the past and the present, taking Frank Castle on a whole new adventure while unraveling mysteries about his past.