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Marvel changes the powers of an Eternal


Marvel Studios Eternals are already vastly different from their comedic counterparts, and one character even has a new set of powers.

Long-time Jack Kirby’s fans Eternals have already seen character changes for the team’s upcoming cinematic debut, and for one Eternal in particular, the film also brings a significant change to the character’s power set.

Kumail Nanjiani, who plays Master Fighter Kingo in the film, describes how his character’s powers evolved during the film’s development. “They actually changed my power at one point,” the actor said. Collider. “I was going to be really good with swords – I was going to have two swords, and that was in the first meeting. And the second meeting. [director Chloé Zhao] was like, ‘No, I don’t want to have swords – he’s going to do finger guns.’ “

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“I was like, finger guns?” Nanjiani continued. “It looks so awkward. She says, ‘Trust me, this is going to be great.’ She was right, that sounds awesome. “

The change is actually a fundamental shift from the character as he originally appeared in the comics. Kingo Sunen was introduced in the years 1976 Eternals # 11, modeled after the Japanese samurai warriors of centuries ago, filled with a single samurai style sword. Over the years, the character has evolved, later eschewing the traditional dress for samurai-style armor, and sometimes arming himself with an additional sword.

Like his fellow Eternals, Kingo also possesses more traditional powers like flight and super strength, and Nanjiani spoke of the team’s eclectic array of abilities. “What interests me about this movie and its superpowers is that you have Ikaris who has the most traditional superhero powers, don’t you?” Nanjiani continued. “He flies, he shoots rays, his powers are like physical force.”

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“On the other end of the spectrum, you have Sersi, whose powers are very nature-based, don’t you? She turns things into flowers, she can affect matter. These are two very types of power. different, so for me it was exciting to make a superhero movie where you can really understand what traditional superhero powers are, and what a different version is that maybe that has been dismissed before. . “

The comic book version of Kingo often relied more on his fighting abilities than his innate powers, so the film version, whose weapons are now a subset of those powers, bears little resemblance to its comic book namesake. drawn.

Eternals arrives in theaters on November 5.

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Source: Collider

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