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Manga Arabia brings Japanese manga to Arab children for a new generation of educated youth | INSITE OOH media platform


An entire generation was once raised in Japanese anime, which has been translated, dubbed, and reformed to suit Arab identity and culture through channels such as Spacetoon. This generation grew up with noble values ​​such as friendship, honesty, loyalty and justice engraved in their hearts, and many of them continued to seek more and more stories from Japan, the country. of the rising sun. So, they began to read manga and watch cartoons, discovering an endless supply of creativity, wonder and emotional storytelling.

Now is the time for a new generation to experience the joys of Manga via the Manga Arabia mobile app!
The new app is dedicated to providing children with easy access to Japanese manga which has been translated into Arabic and deemed suitable for our Arab values ​​and sensibilities. The app aims to provide children with quality reading material, which should ignite their imaginations, ignite their creativity and inspire them to become the next generation of young people of tomorrow.
The app is created under the jurisdiction of the Saudi Research & Publishing Co. SRPC, which was established in 1972 and has grown into one of the most prominent publishing houses in the Middle East, building trust and authenticity of this transcultural enterprise.

Colorful visuals depict panels from various manga where dialog boxes are filled with stylized Arabic text to suit the exaggerated style of the designs, with some characters ripping through the black and white pages, almost jumping out of the display panel and in our world in full color. These cheerful visuals are accompanied by the statement that “Manga has gone Arabic,” urging children and the young at heart to download the app or check out the MANGAARABIA.COM website, which is written in the bottom corner of the ad. .

The new limited campaign debuted in Dubai for the first time during the first week of September, on a billboard.

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