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Made of Japanese Armor watch commemorates the legendary warlord


In commemoration of the legendary Japanese feudal lord Date Masamune, Kyowa Seiko, a Japanese watch company, wishes to bring to the market bespoke watches that pay homage to him. The watches, which consist of traditional Japanese armor, are going to be extremely expensive. But what Masamune did to preserve his reputation as—knotty– the historical figure has also had a considerable cost.

Kyowa Seiko

SoraNews24 reported on the potential new offering of watches from Kyowa Seiko. Seiko partnered with designer Yusuke Taguchi and traditional Japanese craft company Tadayasu to make the new watch. In other words, if the company can meet its goal of $ 39,000 on Makuake, a Japanese crowdfunding site.

Close-up of a watch resembling Japanese armor, on a black background.

Kyowa Seiko

If Seiko achieves its fundraising goals, the watch looks like a real gem. As SoraNews24 notes, the leather strap and dial of the watch resembles an armor from the Edo period in Japan; that is, the period from 1603 to 1867 during which 300 regional daimyo, or powerful feudal lords, ruled the country. The stainless steel case also has a smooth anthracite color. And a pattern of divots that look like the edge marks of a blade.

A bespoke watch made up of traditional Japanese armor alongside its fabric carrying pouch and wooden case.

Kyowa Seiko

The black, blue and gold color scheme, as well as the crescent moon second hand, are directly inspired by Masamune’s own armor. The “regional strongman” wore armor of the same color. And the crescent second hand is a nod to the thin crescent moon that the warrior slipped on the front of his helmet.

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As for how Masamune earned his status as a legendary daimyo, it’s largely because of his missing eye. Masamune had smallpox as a child, which deprived him of sight in one eye. According to legend, when a senior member of his clan told him that the dysfunctional eye could be a weakness in combat, Masamune ripped it off himself.

A look at Date Masamune's helmet, which has a very long and thin horizontal ornament on the front.

Kyowa Seiko

Speaking of the hefty price tag for grandeur, the Masamune watch will cost buyers $ 1,363. And it’s free of shipping and handling. (Assuming Kyowa Seiko ships wherever you are.) Maybe interested parties who are more frugal can… keep an eye out for the best deals.

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