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Kev Gray & The Gravy Train Receive Award, Newcomer CINDO69 On The Fast Track, DJ Superjam Releases New Album


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Kev Gray & The Gravy Train released their new single “Time To Live Again” on July 14, 2021. The track received the “Best Alternative Release 2021” award from the English-speaking group ELITEMAG.ONE and placed in the top 10 of the pop charts in Germany shortly after its publication.

Kev Gray & The Gravy Train is an alternative pop rock group formed in Tokyo in November 2008, with members from America, Canada, England and Japan. After being chosen as their featured group in the government-sponsored 2008 between UK and Japan, the group achieved mixed success in the Japanese music scene, having signed with Hemlock Music and won twice the national music award, Gaijin Sounds. Based on songwriting by lead singer Kev Gray, their sound has been compared to melodic artists such as Paul McCartney, The Smiths, and Antony Hegarty. After starting as an acoustic trio, the group later went electric and became known for their range of vocal and musical styles, before the group rebuilt their original sound in 2013 with new staff in Tokyo: ” Pon ”(guitar); Shokei Konno on percussion, Mari Uga on sax and Rob Moreau (mandolin). They developed a national following after touring Japan, including at the Hard Rock Cafe, the Crocodile Club, and headlining the international music festival, Japan Music Week. The group has also performed in England, Australia, Canada and America, and much of South East Asia.

The group has featured frequently in Japanese media, including television, radio and the press, receiving good reviews in Metropolis, Japanzine and Time Out, whose publisher, Jon Wilks, described the songs as demonstrating a “Lyrical genius”. Their first release, Shipwrecked, in November 2008, was followed closely in May 2009 by I Should’ve Stopped There, with their troubled album, Antidote, finally released in October 2011.

The young artist CINDO69 obviously created the best conditions for the success of his new song “Traphouse”. An established team of producers, a strong label and internationally renowned promoters and members of the Grammy Recording Academy® are behind rap artist Mete-Can YILDIZ, who debuted on July 23, 2021 with her number “Traphouse”. Loosely under the motto “Tell me what are you dreaming of?”, The song speaks of a gathering place of young people with visions and the sole desire for social recognition through only material values. The title describes the thoughts of many young people who are conveyed by false values ​​in society and in the media.

The track was first introduced by Dj Superjam on PELIONE and Dj Doc-Tone on BIGFM and currently ranks second on the Top20 of the city charts in Germany.

DJ Superjam, German producer, who led the recording artists of WEA / FOUR Music Prophets of Rage in the 90s and worked with several Hip Hop artists Büro Berlin for then-label Def Jam Germany in the 2000s. Now in 2021, he’s releasing a new album with rapper Republic of Georgian, Pash Lyfe and American multi-talented singer Chivas Kimber to bring you Game Time! This 14 song Hip Hop / RnB album is as versatile as the countries these artists are from.

From the energetic club banger Game Time, the grimy relationship track Lackin Love and the upcoming track Bad Bad, fluid tracks like Something Real, the street sounds of Facts and even the reggaeton-style anthem called Georgia, it There is something for everyone in this collaborative effort that was created simultaneously in three countries.

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