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Japanese-inspired streetwear brand Tensaga is making waves among the Canadian-Asian community


Vancouver-based clothing brand Tensaga launched its first collection in 2019 offering affordable yet stylish Japanese-inspired street wear. Since then, Tensaga has become a growing favorite among Asian Canadians.

Art and design enthusiasts appreciate the hand-drawn designs based on Japanese culture, with illustrations of robots, dragons and samurai made by local Vancouver artists.

Today, Tensaga has been able to expand its reach beyond Canada and is now receiving orders from all over the world.

Tensaga is a brand founded by Matthew Bustamante, a 26-year-old marketing graduate with a passion for fashion and art.

Matthew works with local artists because it’s profitable, cheaper and supports his local community.

Its marketing strategy of using popular micro-influencers, models and trends from TikTok has helped the Tensaga brand gain recognition nationwide with several orders entering the world.

“The trick is to find micro-influencers, models and generally ‘popular’ people in your town who really like the ‘Japanese streetwear’ aesthetic. That way, they’ll wear it in multiple Tik Tok videos, Instagram posts, and even on the street for occasional errands. “

This fast fashion e-commerce brand despite the Covid 19 pandemic has used social media by posting user-generated content to attract various customers.

The Tensaga brand plans to use its social proof as a strategy to open small retail stores in Vancouver and across Canada in the near future.

For more information, please visit: https://tensaga.com/

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Company Name: Tensaga
Contact: Matt Bustamante
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City: Vancouver
State: Before Christ
Country: Canada
Website: https://tensaga.com/

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