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Japan urges China to exercise restraint in military activities near Diaoyutai Islands


Japan has called on China to restrict its “growing military activities” in the East China Sea, Taiwan News reported.

Citing local media, Taiwan News reported that a senior Japanese diplomat, Funakoshi Takehiro, expressed concern over the repeated entry of Chinese ships into the waters around the Diaoyutai Islands.

According to the Taiwan News, the islands are administered by Japan but are also claimed by China and Taiwan.

In response, Hong Liang, director general of the Department of Borders and Maritime Affairs of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, told Funakoshi that Japan should refrain from taking measures that could “complicate the situation, according to the ministry.

The virtual meeting is the first time Funakoshi and Hong have spoken to each other since Fumio Kishida took office as the new Prime Minister of Japan last month.

Meanwhile, Japan’s new Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi on Thursday pledged to protect universal values ​​as well as the country’s peace and prosperity in the face of security concerns stemming from China’s military aggression.

“We are witnessing more serious challenges for the universal values, which have supported the peace and stability of the international community, and the international order,” the foreign minister said at his first press conference after his entry. active.

Hayashi stressed that Japan will strongly oppose China’s plans to change the status quo, Kyodo News reported. However, the minister announced his intention to forge constructive ties with his neighbor to resolve common problems.

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