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Interview with Genshin Impact Signora, Scaramouche Voice Actor at TGS Translated


miHoYo publishes new interviews with seiyuu (Japanese actresses and actors) in Genshin Impact, as part of the first anniversary celebrations, and those of Tetsuya Kakihara (Scaramouche) and Yui Shoji (La Signora) were released on October 2, during TGS 2021 and ahead of the Verison 2.2 stream – we’ve translated and summarized their thoughts below .

Usually we only have one seiyuu birthday interview at a time, but probably because it’s TGS, miHoYo released two simultaneously. So far, interviews with other popular characters such as the Traveler and Venti have also been released.

Note that this story contains spoilers if you have not yet completed the Inazuma Archon Story quest.

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Monster Hunter Rise | Steam / PC Trailer



Monster Hunter Rise | Steam / PC Trailer






Genshin Impact Interview with Tetsuya Kakihara Scaramouche

Tetsuya Kakihara is surprised Genshin was released a year ago. Although Scaramouche didn’t first appear until November 2020. Kakihara was really taken aback by the fan reaction and the popularity of Scaramouche, and thanked the fans. The interview was recorded before version 2.1 was released on September 1, as it mentions that after Scaramouche appeared in the 2.1 livestream, he was all the rage on Twitter. Showing Scaramouche is also popular in Japan and abroad. Kakihara also acknowledged that a lot of people wanted Scaramouche to be playable, but he didn’t comment further.

Kakihara was a little worried when he first voiced Scaramouche because he’s so cocky, but that’s one of the things people ended up loving about him. Interestingly, when he first voiced Scaramouche, the script only said “Mysterious Boy,” just as it was featured publicly on Twitter, and miHoYo didn’t tell Kakihara his name. Also, in Japanese, his Harbinger title is “散兵” (Balladeer) which in Japanese kanji can mean a simple soldier, so Kakihara was wondering if he was just a mafia character, but it was explained to him that Scaramouche is really strong and important.

Of the two names Balladeer and Scaramouche, Kakihara likes the name Scaramouche the most. He also mentioned that he actually had another real name, which will be revealed in the story (Revealed as Kunikuzushi (Country Destroyer) in Inazuma Story Quest).

Kakihara is really intrigued by what Scaramouche is going to do now that he has a Gnosis. He joked that if he suddenly had a super power like this, the first thing he would use that power for would be to be able to travel outside of Japan again. Like, go to China. And then to get a lot of money.

Kakihara noted that Scaramouche, despite obtaining gnosis from Ei, never met Raiden / Ei during Inazuma Archon 2.1 story. Kakihara thinks it’s possible that Scaramouche intentionally avoided meeting her, and it will be interesting to see their interaction if they start over as she is like her mother.

Next, Kakihara shared her predictions on what the other Harbingers might look like. His own idea of ​​a future Harbinger would be a super nice Grandma-looking Harbinger. Who actually does a lot of evil things while also acting like the best grandma ever. And Scaramouche is a boring type of kid character, so if a character like this is introduced, Kakihara thinks she might become the one person Scaramouche acts kindly to.

Finally, Kakihara explained that miHoYo increased the number of lines Scaramouche has in Inazuma after seeing how popular he is. So if you keep saying you love Scaramouche, they might add some bonus scenes showing it. Ditto for the other characters. Kakihara also pointed out that he has recorded different versions of Scaramouche’s dialogue in Inazuma Archon’s story depending on whether you’ve already met him at the Unreturning Star event in November 2020 or not. He praised miHoYo for being so complex with the dubbing.

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Genshin Impact Yui Shoji La Sgnora, interview with Changsheng translated

Yui Shoji’s first impression of Genshin Impact was how beautiful the game is and then how much there is an interaction with everything, which makes it super immersive. She especially enjoys shooting birds with the Bow characters.

Yui Shoji really loves his character. Signora has a lot of memorable scenes like how she beats Venti, but she really likes that Signora isn’t necessarily a bad person, and that’s how she appears to the Traveler. It is a necessary element to show that the Traveler will not meet only people who support his adventure.

Like the protagonist, Signora goes from country to country, either stealing Gnosis by force or negotiating it. Yui Shoji knows that some players are sad about the evolution of Inazuma and Sgnora’s deaths, but she is happy that you liked her character so much. Yui Shoji explained that she voiced it with the intention of showing that she was an antagonist, but also trying to show her humanity, her past and her beliefs, so she is very happy that the players have her. have noticed.

Yui Shoji added that in a way, thanks to how La Signora is a weekly boss, you can still meet her anytime now and will be thinking about her constantly, especially if you read the text of the items she leaves. publication date. Yui Shoji hopes that one day we can learn more about Signora’s past, because the more you learn, the more interesting she is.

Yui Shoji added that the first impression some people might have of Signora is that she is scary or evil, but in Liyue you see that she can also be a pretty reasonable person. Authorization of his status as a diplomat. To the point that you wonder why she acted so recklessly in Mondstadt in relation to Liyue, and Yui mentions that you’ll get an idea if you read some item descriptions and assume it might be something related to her past that we’ll learn about. later.

The final part of the interview has Yui Shoji sharing his predictions and speculations for the future development of the story of Genshin Impact. Yui Shoji hopes that at some point we will leave Teyvat and go to space, for example, or visit the ruins of Khaenri’ah. She thinks the story could add more sci-fi elements like this, like an Android character.

Yui Shoji’s favorite character is Baizhu and she hopes he will be playable soon, she wants him to be a healer. Yui Shoji also voices the Changsheng Serpent of Baizhu and hopes that she can also fight during her Elemental Skill or Burst, and looks forward to it. She really sucks in games, so her main strategy is to use Geo characters and shields, so another idea she has would be to get characters with 2 items. Signora was made to look like Cryo but is actually Pyro too, so she wants that kind of character to be playable because that will make things easier for her. She’s also hoping things like a casino will be added to the game, where you can bet on Mora and play tons of mini-games.

Later on Twitter, Yui Shoji also mentioned that she was really highly regarded by the team at GEnshin Impact for every character in the game and that she was very happy to be a part of it.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS and Android. The Nintendo Switch version is also coming at some point but does not have a release date yet. You can reach me on Twitter @ A_iyane07 to discuss the game or Japanese stuff in general.

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