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IL Man makes his whole town grateful for his service as a Marine


We all have big dreams when we are children. I wanted to be a singer for New Kids On The Block or a veterinarian, and obviously only one of those dreams could have been achieved. Some kids might want to be rockstars, policemen or firefighters, but Ian Wilson of Orangeville, Illinois had only one big dream when he was younger; become a US Marine.

Ian’s mother, Jamie, recently sent us a letter naming her son as this week’s hometown hero, and it painted the perfect picture of the extraordinary, all-American man she helped raise.

Photo provided

Photo provided

Ian is my son. He’s wanted to be a Marine since he was young. He is always there to help friends and family. He played football and wrestled for Dakota and Orangeville. As well as baseball for Orangeville. Worked for a few local dairy farmers before leaving for the Marines in November 2019. He is currently deployed overseas. Friends and family are very proud that a local boy shows so much love for his country.

Ian, thank you for your bravery and service to our country. Thank you for dreaming big and making sure you achieved that dream. Stay safe and please accept this $100 Amazon Gift Card we’ll send you thanks to Gustafson’s Furniture & Mattress. We hope you’ll use it to buy something that reminds you a bit of home and the people who love and support you there.

Do you know someone who deserves special recognition for their service to our country or our communities? Name them as hometown heroes, here.

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