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HBO Max’s ‘Rick and Morty’ hub is a streaming dream


Now we all know what to expect when looking for our favorite show. There will be a landing page, an episode list with descriptions, and some cool pictures. If you’re on Netflix, you’ll be treated to a trailer that plays automatically. Hulu has a “You may also like” section at the very top. It’s a process that has become so predictable that it’s almost boring. But that’s not the case if you’re HBO Max. This is because HBO Max is Rick and morty hub is not just a place where you can watch old episodes again. Oh no. It’s a safe haven where you can positively drown in all things portal weapons and multiverse, and it’s beautiful.

Rick and morty is far from the only show or movie to benefit from HBO Max specialty treatment. For example, both the Harry potter movies and the DC Cinematic Universe have their own hubs. Corn Rick and morty is the rare show to have a landing page as large and loving as HBO’s biggest universes, movies, and originals. Just scroll down to the HBO Max Hubs section, select Adult Swim, Choose Rick and morty from the menu at the top, and start bothering you.

Rick and Morty HBO Max landing page
Photo: HBO Max

It’s a hub that feels like the well-organized DVD extra section of the future. Have you ever wondered what are Dan Harmon’s favorite episodes? This playlist is just one click away. Wondering what adult swimming shows Justin Roiland really enjoys? It is there too. And because HBO Max already has most of Adult Swim’s library on its platform, you can start enjoying The Boondocks, YOLO: Crystal Fantasy, Samurai Jack, and Superprison! in seconds as you wonder if these shows inspired the Adult Swim mega-hit.

But this portal does not stop there. Want a reminder on how the multiverse works? There is a “Welcome to the Multiverse” playlist just for you. Only want the episodes that tear up pop culture? Say hello to the “Alt Takes” playlist. There’s even a ‘Where’s the Ice Cream’ playlist, a nod to an obscure fan theory that suggests that every time ice cream appears on the show, something big happens. Then there are the extras. Every silly or deep spin-off video, every “Inside the Episode”, every behind-the-scenes interview – they’re all there. If Adult Swim has created a Rick and morty thing since 2013, there’s a good chance he’s living on HBO Max.

Of course, as gloriously cheesy as this treasure is, it’s not perfect. HBO Max still does not have the streaming rights for Season 5, which means its ode to Rickest Rick and Mortyest Morty is currently incomplete. But even in this state, the rest of the streaming world can learn a lesson from this digital sanctuary. Being a fan of your favorite show is fun. It’s nice to see a streaming service that understands and has been able to amplify this simple joy.

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