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Hayao Miyazaki Had Conflicting Feelings About Anime’s Growing Viewership


In Yom’s interview, Miyazaki worried that live-action films aimed at adult audiences would do better financially. He seemed to yearn for a media landscape where adult entertainment got the lion’s share of the attention, allowing him to hide in the obscurity of anime, working for the purity of it, rather than just for the sake of it. ‘money. Having worked in the industry for years and seeing what kind of artistic output he could create with and without money, Miyazaki had the wisdom to know what makes for better films. In short, Miyazaki, in 1994, believed in the purity of not “selling out”:

“I wish adult movies were doing better. I wish things like ticket sales or movie awards would continue without involving anime. It would be better if anime lived in some corner of the world. cinema, and people say ‘oh, there’s also anime.’ If so, I don’t have to do any interviews or lectures If so, directors and animators, all can work pure and poor, remaining anonymous, simply because we want to do the work that we can be satisfied with we did, and we could only work by our internal values ​​such as what we learned in this work, if we were making progress, or if we could promote [animators].”

This feeling was prevalent around the world in the 1990s, which is reflected in the music of the time. It was the decade Kurt Cobain wore a “corporate rock still sucks” t-shirt, and characters from Gen-X movies like “Reality Bites” and shows like “Rent” were preoccupied with creating of art outside of a media-saturated, ultra-commercial environment. Although Miyazaki is not an American Gen-Xer – he was born in 1941 in Bunkyo – his concerns with art were much the same. Miyazaki was even nostalgic for his time as a struggling artist, longing intensely for a time when artistic freedom was more common:

“I lived through that time. Looking at that experience, I feel like although anime is in the spotlight, or because of it, things are more difficult now.”