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H2 Hub: This local watchmaker puts Singapore on the world map.


Samurai Watches

In a sea of ​​MOD watches, H2 Hub reaffirms its rigorously classic anime with three new watches from the AG Collective Samurai Series collection. Each watch draws on the seven virtues of Japanese culture and traditional design by adding color, modern movements and other subtleties.

The AG Collective Samurai watches launched by H2 Hub introduce a new evolution of modern style, fused with performance and paying homage to traditions.

Limited to 99 pieces per color, the AG Collective Samurai series is housed in solid stainless steel, with a case size of 42.5mm, paired with a double-domed sapphire crystal with 14 colors to choose from.

Water resistant to 30 ATM, the AG Collective Samurai series uses the Japan Automatic 8215 movement. A highly modified version with boldly applied indexes and a range of bezel choices, from ceramic GMTs and dive timers to steel timers 60-minute brushed stainless steel with recessed indexes.

“Watch enthusiasts will recognize all the features that have made the Samurai design unique. If this limited edition is a real concentrate of everything that made this watch special, it also offers brand new features that will set it apart from collectors,” says James Woo, the leader of the second generation of H2 Hub.

When asked what inspired him to create the Samurai Collection, Woo said that his belief that he could create something better led him to design his first MOD anime collection, a wrist watch. Japanese inspiration.

“It’s more about me always wanting to adjust something to my exact wishes because I feel like I can do better. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, for better or for worse too. Present in the watchmaking industry for two decades, this watch also paves the way for many future decades of fine watchmaking, remaining faithful to the values ​​of creativity, know-how and excellence of H2 Hub. Woo said.

The Samurai collection is the best-selling watch to date. Each strap color is unique to each SKU and produced in minimal quantities as this series targets people who love Japanese culture, samurai fans and collectors who admire exquisite designs and limited edition pieces.

“We want to make it more creative, so that the spacious dial leaves room for you to leave your mark on your timepiece with our engraving services. Make your samurai collection one of a kind,” Woo added.

The Samurai collection consists of three watches.

This Samurai Code Series – Rei was named after the Japanese word for “respect”, and it’s perfect for anyone looking to make a serious statement.

A classic mix of black and gold will never go out of style.The Meiyo is made for modern gentlemen looking for the perfect mix between a sports watch and a dressy model with its elegant rubber strap ready for diving.

“The unique piece is Makoto, which supports the seven virtues. It means honesty. It’s hard to find a watch that can tell you the time and also be your moral compass. But if you’re looking for that type of watch, this piece is perfect for you,” Woo said, showing off the unique watches.

The AG Collective Samurai Code Series is designed to be an extension of Aries Gold’s already impressive range of dive watches. But these aren’t just any watches – they’re designed for divers, so they can withstand all sorts of harsh conditions while still looking stylish.

Aries Gold is known for its bold colors and designs, making it an ideal partner for this new series. Samurai Code watches have been designed to be as durable as possible while maintaining a stylish look that will impress friends and strangers alike. Also, the three models mentioned are just the beginning. Aries Gold plans to create other watches inspired by the other Bushido codes to complete the collection.

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