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Grind to perfection with the new range of mixer-grinders from Hafele


India is a nation with over 1,700 dialects and over 2,000 ethnic groups, diverse in culture, ethnicity, and beliefs.

The common thread that connects and vibrates through this diversity is our varied and rich cuisine.

In many ways, food unites us – it provides us with a common platform to exchange recipes, take in new things, and celebrate similarities – it has its own language that is understood by all. So it’s no wonder that a family from North India relishes southern cuisine or that eastern spices are found in a recipe originating in the West.

For generations, Indian cuisine has never been complete without the quintessential blender-grinder. For many, the delicious pastas, curries and chutneys made in the blender grinders are part of the “secret recipes” handed down from generation to generation, an integral part of an individual’s culture. To honor this heritage and ensure further innovations, Hafele presents three new models of mixer – bran grinders – Eleganz 800, Cuatro 1000 and Thea 1200. These new models are functionally excellent, visually elegant and ergonomically designed to promise results always remarkable with every use.

Taking inspiration from the Katana sword of the most powerful samurai – the shogun, Hafele presents the new blades of the ninja series in his mixer-grinder models which are a replica of this Japanese masterpiece. Crafted with ultimate precision and perfection, our ninja series is your katana – ensuring sure victory in all your cooking battles.

Plus, built-in technologies like vacuuming, highly durable and multi-functional jars, and easy-to-use dial knobs make this trio a hit in any kitchen they pop into!

Hafele India is a 100% subsidiary of the Hafele Global network and has been operating in India since 2003 under the leadership of Jurgen Wolf (Managing Director). The company’s ability to understand the diversity of the Indian market has made it an authority on architectural hardware, furniture, and kitchen accessories and fittings.

The company also has a strong presence in synergistic product categories, namely household appliances, furniture lighting, sanitary ware and surfaces meeting the targeted demand of these industries. The subsidiary has a strong nationwide presence with offices in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Cochin. It has large-scale operations in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh with regional offices and design showrooms in both countries; and has also expanded its operations to other parts of South Asia, including Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives.

Hafele India serves its customers with a base of over 1300 employees, a well-networked franchise base of over 130 stores as well as over 1000 resellers located across South Asia. The subsidiary has a sophisticated logistics center in Mumbai as well as distribution centers in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Colombo respectively.

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