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‘Genshin Impact’ Yunjin banner release date and other rumors! Will it really happen?


“Genshin Impact” could have the most anticipated new character, Yunjin. This new hero was already revealed in January by a data miner named Lumie.

(Photo: Screenshot from @ST_MiHoyo’s Twitter post)
“Genshin Impact” Yunjin Leaks: Evidence Shows New Character Coming! Banner release date and other rumors

The anonymous individual showed some renderings of the new character on his Twitter account. From the photos and videos he posted, Yunjin is said to have a gothic appearance, with black, pink, red, and purple as the primary color palette for the entire outfit.

Meanwhile, other leakers believe Yunjin would be a five-star Polearm user. MiHoYo is also expected to incorporate geographic abilities into the new character.

Before checking out the remaining leaks on the new hero “Genshin Impact”, you should remember that not all of the details mentioned below have yet to be confirmed by MiHoYo.

The Yunjin “Genshin Impact” Leaks

According to PC gamesThe latest report, Tangzu, another reliable data miner, claimed that MiHoYo will include a new character banner in upcoming “Genshin Impact” 2.4 updates.

(Photo: Screenshot from @ G8_Genshin’s Twitter post) Yunjin Leaks “Genshin Impact”: Evidence Shows New Character Is Coming! Banner release date and other rumors

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Some rumors claimed that the 2.4 banner is specifically for Yunjin. However, Tangzu said he did not see the element or the rarity of the character. But, he also believes it would be Polearm’s alleged character. On the other hand, another leaker named Ubatcha said that Yunjin’s arrival will also include a new map area in “Genshin Impact” 2.4. The data miner added that it could specifically be the sinkhole rumor.

At the moment, MiHoYo is pretty busy with other upgrades for its popular adventure title. These include the arrival of the new “Genshin Impact” 120 FPS feature for iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro.

On the other hand, the giant game developer has also confirmed another character from “Genshin Impact” named Arataki Itto.

Other Updates ‘Genshin Impact’

Kotaku reported that MiHoYo’s new update in game version 2.2 offers deep respect for Japanese culture.

The new Japan-based region of Inazuma has received an update that fixes the way Japanese NPC characters carry their swords.

The samurai characters of “Genshin Impact” now wear their swords according to the clothes they wear. These include different varieties, such as the sword up, down, and more.

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