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A payday loan for tires is due when the change of season is just around the corner. Now every dutiful motorist should check how it is ordered with his car tires. See for the scoop

Often, completely four tires have to be renewed, whereby very quickly several hundred euros are due. Then a payday loan due for mature.

Quick read – small payday loan

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Payday loan for tires – the location

Credit for tires

Motorists do not always have the money ready to buy a complete tire. It should not always the cheapest models are selected, because safety first.

Because porous and worn tires extend the braking distance, promote the aquaplaning and can also burst. Especially with snow and ice, therefore, motorists should pay attention to good tires.

An accident that could possibly occur when driving with worn tires in winter is much more expensive than a set of tires. In addition, the insurance can be lost if an accident caused by this circumstance.

But tires are expensive, especially when rims are required in addition to the new tires. Many motorists then opt for a payday loan for tires.

Payday loan for tires – proper financing

Anyone who decides on a payday loan for a tire purchase should take care that the financing is not chosen too long. It should be considered that a set of new tires may be needed after two years.

Who has other liabilities to pay or who has a low income, should choose the rates so that they also fit the income. Of course banks like it when the payday loan is paid quickly.

This reduces their risk of default. Customers should know, however, that a longer payday loan term is accompanied by higher interest rates.

But the rates are lower and can be paid. Even if it is only a few hundred euros, they must be paid.

The payday loan seeker can go to the bank for his payday loan or choose one of the many online banks.

Payday loan for tires – find the right financier

According to how much the tires cost and how fast the payday loan should be in the account, the customer can choose a mini payday loan. There are some providers on the Internet, the new customers provide a payday loan of 500-600 euros.

The payday loan amount, it is advertised, is in the account the next day. However, there is not much time left to repay the payday loan.

This leaves the customer with only 30 days until the payday loan has to be paid. Customers can also use their Dispo.

Especially with a smaller payday loan amount, many drivers realize this. The bankruptcy payday loan is provided to customers by your bank when regular funds are received.

Often, even three net salaries are provided. The payday loan is available immediately, but very expensive.

Therefore, the Dispo should be used only for short-term use. Who wants to take a slightly higher payday loan amount, for example, to make one or the other acquisition with the same, can rely on a installment payday loan.

The customer pays these in constant monthly installments.

Payday loan for Tires – payday loan Requirements

If you need a payday loan, you must be able to repay it. Banks thus check the income, which should have an attachable share. Customers can see this with the garnishment table, which is always updated.

The income must be so high that, after deduction of all costs, there is a residual amount that could be used as a rate. Banks will draw up a budget by also spending the revenue.

In addition, the remark is an important approval instrument. It can not contain negative entries, otherwise a payday loan will be rejected.

The burdened remark shows the bank that it has already come in the past to payment difficulties. In addition, the income must come from a permanent position.

The employment contract may not be limited in time and may not include a probationary period.

Payday loan for tires – bad remark and its consequences

Who has a burdened remark with negative entries, which will receive no payday loan from German banks. For these customers then the remarkfreie payday loan, which is applied for a payday loan intermediation.

When ordering a mediation, the customer should make sure that he does not pay any pre-payment or advance payment. And insurance contracts do not increase payday loan opportunities.

Anyone who receives such offers should renounce this intermediary. The remarkfreie payday loan is applied for just like another online payday loan through the agency.

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Payday loan without down payment – without equity for cheap car loan Thu, 28 Feb 2019 05:45:31 +0000

A payday loan without a down payment is usually found in a car payday loan that can not be 100% financed. Car payday loans and home equity financing are at the top of the payday loan without down payment.

But especially in the field of car financing, it often happens that a down payment is required. That’s a cost factor that not everyone can meet.

Fast readers – in keywords

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  • Typical of this would be the car payday loan
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Payday loan without down payment – overview

Credit without deposit

payday loan without deposit – unbureaucratic & fast

A car is one of the everyday things we surround ourselves with today. For many consumers, however, a car is indispensable.

Getting to work can only be accomplished with a car, as well as visits to customers. Cars are expensive and very few consumers can pay for a car in cash.

You are looking for a payday loan without a down payment. But many car payday loans go along with a down payment.

Think of the balloon financing or the three-way financing. Since a deposit can already be thousands of euros.

The payday loan without down payment certainly has its advantages. Throughout the duration of the monthly load remains the same, it must be paid at the end of a high closing rate.

Similarly, the interest rate is fixed throughout the term. This gives consumers a good planning security.

Those who opt for a installment payday loan, but should pay attention to flexibility. As there were special repayments, increases and installment breaks.

Payday loan without down payment – payday loan from the bank

Many car buyers finance their car directly from the dealer. But they can escape hundreds of euros.

Because often the payday loan of the own house bank, but also with on-line banks is quite more favorable than with the car dealer. The customer can fully finance the purchase price of the car and act as a cash payer at the dealer.

This ensures very good discounts. Quite often there can be expected 20-30% depending on the model.

However, banks comprehensively check the payday loanworthiness of the customer. In addition to the sufficient and regularly incoming income, this should be above the attachment exemption limit.

The income ideally comes from a permanent job that is not fixed-term and does not include a probationary period. The customer must also be of legal age and resident here in Germany.

Other existing liabilities may have to be manageable. Anyone who is already facing over-indebtedness will not receive a payday loan.

Very important is the clean remark, in case of negative entries the payday loan can be rejected.

Payday loan without deposit – financing at the car dealer

Car buyers often opt for financing directly from the dealer. There, the car is selected and the dealer holds the appropriate payday loan ready.

However, customers are not allowed to expect any discounts with this financing. Thus, 0% financing with which car dealers attract customers may be more expensive than a bank payday loan with discount.

Customers should know that this 0% saving has already been added to the purchase price in advance. If the payday loanworthiness of the customer is not quite perfect, but was already a financing at the dealer concluded that went smoothly, so it could work this time also.

About a possibly negative entry, which is not so serious, see car dealers away. Even if the customer has a decent income.

In addition, the dealer offers various types of financing through the car bank.

Three-way financing or even balloon financing – first choice?

For a three-way financing or balloon financing car buyers decide if they want only a small monthly burden during the repayment period. With this funding, a model can be chosen, which otherwise could not be paid.

But this type of financing has its pitfalls. So at the end of the term is the high final rate.

If customers can save the final installment with reserves or if a larger sum of money from a savings scheme is expected, this is no problem. But very few do.

For example, the final installment often requires further funding. It should be noted that this is not always cheap.

She also often fails. Especially when the financial situation of the customer has deteriorated.

The car would then have to be sold. But if he does not bring the equivalent of the final installment, an amount is open, which nevertheless has to be paid.

Three-way financing – when appropriate?

This car financing pays off only if reserves can be formed at the same time as the monthly burden. Even if a larger sum of money from a savings contract is expected, with the final installment could be paid.

But if the car has to be returned because the final installment can not be financed, the customer may incur unforeseen costs. Often the agreed mileage is exceeded or the car has significant damage.

This of course reduces the value of the car. In the end, the situation may arise, the car is gone and yet not fully paid.

Payday loan without down payment – financial position put to the test

Before even thinking about buying a car, your own finances should be checked. Especially with a payday loan without down payment, the customer finances yes the full purchase price, which results in a higher payday loan amount.

Whether and how much he can afford then can be checked with a so-called revenue / expenditure plan. Only if this calculation yields a surplus, the payday loan should be tackled without down payment.

The payday loan installments should be determined firstly to fit into the monthly budget and secondly to be able to be paid if the financial situation changes. One thinks of an unexpected unemployment or a serious illness with subsequent sick pay or even a disability.

These scenarios inevitably bring less income.

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Risk of a payday loan without proof of income Wed, 27 Feb 2019 05:19:10 +0000



Risks of loans without proof of income

The payday loan without Receipt of Receipts is one of the most wanted in its category. No wonder. The companies that offer these services are numerous on the Czech market. Through offerings and ads, non-bank companies are fighting for a customer and are trying to get the most out of it. Is borrowing money without proof of income really so easy, or does it have any hook? We have prepared a small overview for you.

It is not difficult to borrow today. Ads report that you get money almost immediately, just click. In particular, non-banking companies boldly report this trend and promise money quickly and without risk. How is it possible to obtain a payday loan without proof of income when the Consumer Credit Act imposes an obligation to verify the income of each applicant? And is that at all possible?

Marketing vs. reality

It is a well-known fact that we are “attractive” at first glance. Nearly everything is allowed in marketing. Individual companies can therefore name their products as they like, a “non-income statement” payday loan. In reality, however, each applicant must be verified and must therefore document his income – most often through a statement of account. The absence of confirmation of income from the employer allows non-banking companies to use the term “payday loan without proof of income”.

For whom are payday loans without a registry?

The absence of confirmation from the employer is mainly aimed at people who do not have a classical employer. These include, in particular, those who do not currently work (mothers on maternity leave, people in short-term convalescence), people who work for a short time as self-employed, students using a job agreement or a person receiving some form of retirement or social benefit.

These people usually have not got enough credit at the bank. However, for the needs of this type of payday loan, it is enough to extract the account and prove that the money will always come to the account. The maturity of payday loans without a registry is usually short, so it does not matter from what source the regular income comes from. Let us now look at what these payday loans are.

What does “non-receipt of a payday loan” mean?

As a rule, these are small short-term payday loans in the order of thousands of crowns. Larger non-bank companies offer payday loans in the hundreds of thousands.

Small payday loans without a registry are very quickly settled, but quick repayment is also required, usually within 30 days of providing money.

The installment is usually one-off, from ten thousand crowns it can be divided into two or more installments. Therefore, there is no need to further investigate the applicant’s income.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each coin has two sides and it is not even the case for this type of payday loan. payday loans without proof of income can be a solution for a short-term money failure. The main advantage is that the applicant does not have to document his income with a dump from the employer. Simply reach the selected company online and ask for a certain amount of money. Subsequently, it will fill in the personal data, the required amount, the due date, or any other information required by the non-banking company. Then you just have to wait for the notification to complete the application. It is also suitable for people who need money really quickly and without unnecessary delays.

Now we turn the coin and see what the three biggest risks are in these payday loans. The first is higher risk of rejection. Most companies use automated tools to assess the application on the basis of several identical criteria. If you are a supporter of an individual approach, look for another type of product.

By not requiring companies to verify income from the employer, they are at greater risk. This is usually offset by a higher interest rate.

But what do you care most about? Of course, this is a risk of being unable to repay such a payday loan. Often non-bank companies offer this kind of product for free. So what you will borrow, you will return in a month and do not cost an extra crown.

However, if you take this kind of payday loan from a classic, the price is dizzily high. Fees and interest are growing every day, and the APRC is spinning in thousands of percent. The biggest problem arises if we can not make a small payday loan at the agreed time. Thanks to the set RPSN, the amount of debt increases every day. The debt spiral is spinning at a dizzying rate that low-income people get very hard.

The Council concludes: A non-income claim should be avoided by applicants who have no or only a very small income. Beware also of the type of contract you have signed. An unclear contract can confuse the borrower and easily get into default with repayment. Contracts are breached by penalties, which are usually very high. payday loan without a registry is not a solution if you have a long-term lack of income. In Financial Awareness Councils, people who have taken advantage of a quick payday loan without a registry often end up.

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Payday loan despite bad remark- now with immediate approval Fri, 08 Feb 2019 05:28:56 +0000

In the case of a small loan despite remark, it can be assumed that the creditworthiness of the person looking for a loan has been somewhat depressed.

Before banks approve a loan, they check not only the income but also the remark of the customer.

Before banks approve a loan, they check not only the income but also the remark of the customer.

If there are negative entries, this leads in most cases to a credit rejection. What remains is then the small loan despite remark or a loan despite remark .

The problem of bad remark and its consequences

The protection association for general credit protection – remark for short – presents itself as a credit agency that has contractual partners.

In addition to banks, these are insurance companies, mail order companies, telephone companies. remark receives information about customers from these partners. Thus, every current account opening, every new mobile phone contract but also a loan application of remark is reported. These entries are initially considered neutral.

But if there are payment defaults such as a forgotten and already reminded invoice, a reminder from the mail order company and already these neutral entries become negative entries. The consequences of this are that a loan request is rejected.

The reason, the negative entries signal a higher likelihood that it could lead to a loan default. The entries are subdivided as a soft feature and as a hard feature.

The negative entry as a credit basis

A soft feature is unpaid bills from a mail order company or a forgotten mobile phone bill.

Thus, credit seekers then often have the chances of a regular loan, often even from the house bank. There will be no credit for harsh traits, such as a disclosure oath, a garnishment or bankruptcy. The customer is no longer creditworthy.

Equally important is the loan without remark and the credit despite remark.A credit without remark query will not give it from German banks. A loan despite remark, however, is provided by some lenders. Here then the remark is viewed.

As I said, this is a soft feature or a completed negative entry, so the credit opportunities in this country are better than without remark., However, the credit line will move in the segment of a small loan.

The small loan despite bad remark – the credit rating

The loan seeker always reads in a loan application, the credit rating must be correct. In general, the credit rating says something about the creditworthiness and solvency of the loan seeker.

But what do lenders understand about it? Banks want collateral before they agree to a loan. Thus, a sufficient and regularly incoming income is required. As far as the amount is concerned, the income is above the attachment exemption limit. The tables of distinguisals are updated every two years.

If a loan default occurs, the bank may incur the income that is above this exemption limit. In this case, the livelihood and the family must be ensured in a wage garnishment. In addition to the income, the permanent employment is also examined. D

he employment contract may not be limited in time and may not include a probationary period. Very important is a clean remark who has negative entries in his remark, who will have problems with a loan request.

The small loan despite bad remark – the credit comparison

Especially with a small loan despite remark, it is important to find a cheap provider. Therefore, a loan comparison can be made on the internet. Simply enter the loan amount and the desired term.

With one click, the customer sees the amount of the loan installment and the interest rate. There are always customers who misjudge their creditworthiness. Therefore, it is advised to seek self-assessment from the remark once a year. This can be used to check whether the entries are rightly noted or whether they could be deleted long ago.

For a credit comparison, therefore, customers should always proceed in a neutral manner. Loan seekers can then determine with the credit comparison also immediately which providers give a loan “despite” remark. If there is no provider, the customer can search for an alternative to remarkfreien loans.

It is also recommended to submit a loan request or a condition request first. Several rejected loan applications can lead to another negative entry in the remark.

The small loan despite bad remark – the credit intermediation

If loan seekers find a lender at a German bank, a lending-free loan can be used to search for a loan free of debt.

Especially with this form of credit, there are many offers. The credit seeker should not be blinded by this because a non-scholarly loan has very clear requirements.

In addition to the decent income, it is important to have a permanent position, whereby the duration of employment depends on the loan amount.

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Small payday loan for pensioners Fri, 01 Feb 2019 04:49:48 +0000

Anyone who wants to enjoy their retirement to the fullest needs financial support every now and then. Among other things in the form of a small payday loan for pensioners .

But this is not granted everywhere immediately. Even if the borrower can show a high pension.

Facts in the overview – that’s what matters

  • Unpavable and on top of that too old – with this resume the payday loan approval is difficult
  • Expensive special payday loans for seniors can not afford retirees
  • Find the individual payday loan – even without risk
  • In addition – guaranteed without obligation – to apply for your preferred payday loan
  • The software checks and helps immediately, because only individually matching credit appears on the screen

Obstacles to a small payday loan for pensioners

Retirees have earned their retirement after many years of work. They now want to enjoy their lives, travel, pursue hobbies and take care of the family.

Small loan for pensioners

Small payday loan for pensioners – weak credit rating despite clean remark

All those things should now be done, for which there was little time in advance, as the work was in the foreground. It should be self-evident that a small payday loan might be needed to buy a new TV, for example.

Unfortunately, as we assume, it is not. Because pensioners bring in the eyes of the banking houses two major disadvantages.

They only have a pension, which is a state benefit and can not be seized. And they are at an age when health sometimes puts life to a difficult test.

In short: The banks are reluctant to lend to retirees, because they see an increased risk of default.

There is the small payday loan for pensioners anyway

But all these obstacles do not mean that a small payday loan for pensioners can not be accepted. Obstacles are at least there to be conquered.

And with a small payday loan for pensioners, this is even relatively easy. For example, if you, as a borrower, decide to take the microcredit together with a younger guarantor, you are always on the safe side.

Maybe your own children can take over this part. As long as they engage in regular work, they are accepted by every bank as a guarantor.

In addition, the payday loan amount and the term should always be adjusted to the age of the borrower. An 85-year-old should not expect the bank to give him a small payday loan for retirees over 7000 euros, which will be provided with a term of 10 years.

Rather, the rule applies: the older the borrower, the smaller the payday loan amount and the shorter the term.

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Instant Payday loan despite negative remark- with instant confirmation Fri, 25 Jan 2019 04:49:52 +0000

In a financially difficult situation, consumers usually need money immediately. An instant payday loan despite negative remark is not provided by each lender. More of this story:

Banks do not like to help with bad credit conditions, especially if they have a payday loan. So that consumers nevertheless receive an instant payday loan, these requirements must be improved.

The instant payday loan – not every bank provides this payday loan option

Also, some banks offer a installment payday loan, which is disbursed relatively quickly. If the applicant meets the credit requirements, the instant payday loan will normally be available within 24 to 72 hours. So that the instant payday loan can be paid out despite negative remark, the credit requirements must be improved.

For credit agencies and banks, security is above all a high priority for security. Of particular importance is the liquidity of this person. Banks always check a guarantor very intensively. For credit agencies, it is often sufficient for the guarantor to qualify for the payday loan. For all lenders, the liability in the guarantee contract is usually agreed.

The liability usually lasts for the entire payday loan term. However, individual agreements can also be made between the lender and the guarantor.

Money from the bank – an instant payday loan despite negative remark is difficult to obtain

When it comes to questions about individual installment payday loans, the consumer bank is often the first point of contact. A large proportion of these consumers are customers of a branch and or a savings bank. However, if you want to apply for an instant payday loan with your house bank, you need to bring a little time.

These banks provide a payday loan only after consultation with the responsible client advisor. The appointment is made either by telephone or directly at the branch. Several days can pass by this time with the consultant. If the bank customer wants to arrange a classic installment payday loan, normally only a valid identification card is needed. As usual with German banks, the client advisor collects information from remark and checks the creditworthiness.

An instant payday loan despite negative remark will be difficult to obtain. Anyone who has a negative remark is considered by banks to be not particularly creditworthy. If the entries are settled payments, a cancellation can be requested from remark.

Online and direct banks – instant payday loans from the Internet

Online and direct banks - instant payday loans from the Internet

For consumers, installment payday loans from the Internet are becoming increasingly popular. An instant payday loan is also available from the so-called online and direct banks. The simple application and the especially favorable conditions contribute to the popularity. A installment payday loan is requested directly on the bank’s website.

For the application an online form will be provided. By submitting the personal data, the applicant also signs the remark clause. This clause entitles the bank to obtain remark information. An instant payday loan despite negative remark is usually not approved by online and direct banks. remark is an important feature of these banks when it comes to the creditworthiness of a consumer.

The rejection of a installment payday loan is done online via e-mail. A reason is usually not mentioned to the applicant. If you are rejected by a bank, you should refrain from further applications to other banks. By further refusals the information of the remark can worsen.

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Payday loans for the self-employed – fast and unbureaucratic Tue, 15 Jan 2019 05:41:59 +0000 Self-employment lending credits are only approved if the self-employed person can prove that they are creditworthy. Especially with a self-employed person it often comes down to a quick credit decision.

Since goods have to be bought or bills no longer wait. Thus, payday loans for the self-employed can be an option.

But self-employed people often struggle to get a loan.

Quick read – short overview

Quick read - short overview

  • Self-employed often lose out on fast loans
  • But that does not always have to be this way
  • Check – right now and without risk – your individual opportunities in real time
  • For this please apply – guaranteed first without obligation – your desired loan

Payday loans for the self-employed – Facts

Self-employed people often can not prove a regular income. Reason enough for the bank to refuse a loan from the outset.

After all, the bank needs nothing more than the security of a regular and sufficient income if a loan is to be granted. For the self-employed, this is difficult.

For example, self-employed people often only get a loan if they have been self-employed for three years. Comprehensive documentation proving income must be provided.

The basic requirement for payday loans for the self-employed is in addition to the regular income of the clean remark.This is also important for other borrowers.

As income proof, self-employed persons must submit income tax assessments of recent years, a profit and loss account and a business evaluation. If a bank agrees to provide payday loans to the self-employed, it is important to find the right lender.

Payday loans for the self-employed – example should not make school?

The fast payout of the payday loan entails a higher interest rate. However, many customers are willing to pay an interest charge when the loan is ready quickly.

With this quick processing of the loan application, a comprehensive review of the details in the loan application will not be possible. Therefore, many lenders dispense with this type of credit on a merit certificate.

This allows self-employed to indicate average earnings without reference to employment. Under these circumstances, many payday loans for self-employed come about.

However, correct information is bypassed here. This can lead to problems if subsequently the loan can not be paid and the lender thereafter carries out a comprehensive credit check.

It can happen that the lender can reclaim the entire loan.

Payday loans for the self-employed – the serious credit

Much better is the solution if the self-employed is looking specifically for payday loans. This can be done with a credit comparison.

There can also come information that shows which lenders to self-employed people even lend a loan. In the credit comparison, the loan amount and the term are entered.

It should be stated that the customer works independently. With one click, a list will be visible that contains all the information.

So not only the amount of credit can be determined, but also the interest rate. Likewise, suppliers are shown who have self-employed in their portfolio.

As far as the interest rate is concerned, the self-employed may assume that they have to pay a higher interest than workers. This lowers the Bank’s default risk.

Many lenders require in addition to the aforementioned documents, a solvent guarantor.

Payday loans for the self-employed – the guarantee

The self-employed can also receive a higher loan amount if a guarantor can be named. This guarantor must be solvent, which means that he has a sufficient and regular income from a permanent position and has a clean remark.

The remark of the guarantor may also show no disclosure oath or a seizure. The solvency of the guarantor must therefore be higher than that of the customer.

The guarantor should also know that the guarantee is registered in his remark. That can reduce his own credit rating.

Also, there should be an absolute relationship of trust between the loan seeker and the guarantor. Finally, the guarantor is liable for the loan with his assets.

Payday loans for the self-employed – find the right lenders

The self-employed is recommended to contact the house bank first. Mostly it is this bank that has supported the self-employed for several years financially.

The bank knows about the finances of the customer and his payment behavior. Thus, it may well be that the interest rate is even slightly cheaper than at another bank.

If the house bank refuses the loan, as already mentioned, a guarantor can increase the credit chances. The customer can also switch to a direct bank.

There, the same conditions apply as in the house bank. The innovative credit marketplaces such as Smava or Auxmoney also offer self-employed loans.

If no credit is created, a credit intermediation can be commissioned. Reputable negotiations could be called Bon Kredit or Maxda.

Who comes to frivolous working placements, who should pay on no pre-cost and sign insurance contracts.


A payday loan, he is at least advertised, is paid out as soon as he requested. After only a few hours, a preliminary loan decision is issued.

For many lenders, a payout is just as fast possible. In general, a payday loan is nothing more than a normal installment loan, where the payment is made faster.

Especially with small loan amounts, proof of income is often waived. But even smaller loan amounts can lead to over-indebtedness.

Therefore, it should be checked in advance whether a installment at all fits into the monthly budget. If higher credit sums are required, nothing beats additional collateral.

As already mentioned, think of a guarantor here. Even a property or lendable insurance can serve as security.

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