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Fans love to look back at Demetrious Johnson’s guillotine finish on his ONE debut


What more can we say about MMA legend Demetrious Johnson that hasn’t already been said? The former 11-time reigning UFC flyweight champion and ONE Grand Prix flyweight champion has literally done it all in the sport.

After having a storied career in the UFC, Johnson had an impressive run in ONE. While his time in the Asian organization isn’t quite as perfect as his time in the UFC, “Mighty Mouse” still looks pretty competitive in the cage against Asia’s best.

Before losing by knockout for the first time in his career when he challenged Division Champion Adriano Moraes in 2021, DJ compiled a three-fight winning streak in ONE. It started with his highly anticipated ONE debut against Yuya Wakamatsu in 2019. Johnson won the fight via guillotine choke in the second round.

ONE recently posted the finish on Instagram:

Fans are all expressing their amazement and admiration for how great Demetrious Johnson is in the cage. An Instagram user, who goes by the name @sip_nudhir, said:

“Look DJ man what a fighter 🔥🔥🔥”

Another user @dww108 said it best:

“One of the greatest fighters of all time. Very few, if any, have been more skilled than Demtrious Johnson.”

Indeed, very few fighters can be named who match Johnson’s skill level and technical mastery when it comes to the sport of MMA. We may very well never see another fighter of his caliber in the cage again.

A closer look at Demetrious Johnson’s ONE Championship debut against Yuya Wakamatsu

On the heels of a historic trade between the UFC and ONE, Demetrious Johnson has packed his bags for Asia to test the waters in another pool of Warriors.

While most fans, fighters, and pundits predicted the dominant flyweight would clean house in ONE, it was quite the opposite. ‘Mighty Mouse’ faced arguably tougher competition than his opponents towards the end of his UFC career.

In his ONE debut against Yuya Wakamatsu, DJ had one of the toughest fights of his career. The Japanese warrior surprised everyone by matching Johnson’s pace on the feet. He also stuffed almost all of Johnson’s takedown attempts and even landed in top position at one point.

Wakamatsu even managed to create a nasty puff under DJ’s right eye. It’s a sight we don’t normally see.

In round two, however, the great “Mighty Mouse” proved again why he was a legend by adjusting and finishing the fight after a very tough first round.

Demetrious Johnson scored his double-leg takedown midway through a striking exchange and dominated Wakamatsu from top position. Johnson’s legendary scramble saw him slap a mean guillotine in the face to force the Japanese warrior to tap.

Watch the full fight here:

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