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Elden Ring: 7 Best Things About Starting Out As A Samurai


FromSoftware’s Ring of Elden is a brutally challenging experience worthy of their Soulslike series of games, but it still appeals to the masses due to its accessibility, huge world, and jaw-dropping sense of wonder. Released at the end of February 2022, Ring of Elden gives players unfathomable freedom to live and die as they wish, though the game will go to great lengths to stop such plans.

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Of all the freedom and variety of choice in the game, it’s the classes that are the first real consideration for players to tackle, each with their own perks and specialized gear, as well as pros and cons. The Samurai class will immediately jump out at gamers as they think they know what to expect from knowledge of games like Ghosts of Tsushima. However, in Ring of Eldenthe class goes further than that.

7 All Samurai starter gear helps you look the part

Elden Ring Samurai Class

Samurai are generally known for their long and brutal history embedded in Japanese culture between the 12th and late 19th centuries. Despite some of the atrocities and dastardly actions that took place during this era, samurai are generally beloved in modern movies and video games. Ring of Elden followed this trend by introducing its Samurai class.

Elden Ring’s The Samurai class gives players a wide range of early-game aesthetic gear and makes them instantly look the part, with the Land of Reeds armor rounding out the perfect samurai ensemble.

6 Starting with the shield, katana, and bow helps players learn three major weapon types early on

The samurai wielding an uchigatana in Elden Ring

In addition to armor, the Samurai class gives players the rare treat of immediately having three primary weapon types: a katana, a bow, and a shield. This can be considered a perfect class to start with for players who aren’t sure which weapon they want to prioritize. It also allows for general freedom and switching flow between weapons during combat.

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The material of a starting class is in no way intended to be kept for the entire Ring Elden. Either way, it’s still a great way to easily figure out the combat mechanics with minimal effort.

5 Having a longbow allows you to control the situation from afar

Samurai shooting a longbow in Elden Ring

Longbow can be purchased and added to any class, but Samurai starts with one. It’s a solid ranged weapon that has Mighty Shot, an Ash of War that consumes FP but adds power to an arrow and deals serious damage.

The longbow is not everyone’s weapon of choice. However, in a game where most enemies are more than capable of killing you with minimal effort, it certainly helps to be able to gauge an enemy’s health and speed from afar before deciding what to do next. This could even include retreating if the shot doesn’t do much damage or the enemy is approaching at a frightening rate, although there isn’t much samurai honor in that.

4 The Uchigatana Katana is a samurai’s best friend

Elden Samurai Uchigitana Ring

The Uchigatana is a powerful katana that players will be able to wield from the start if they choose the Samurai class. Although provided as a starter weapon, this katana can be used for large parts of the game, provided it is upgraded accordingly. He can pack a punch, whether wielded with one or two hands.

With the passive effect of “Blood Loss Buildup”, the Uchigatana can do even more damage than originally intended. A samurai can ultimately use any weapon they choose, but the samurai class is at its best when the Uchigatana is wielded.

3 Samurai class starts at level 9

Character Creator Elden Ring's Hero Class

Choose a starting class in Ring of Elden isn’t just about initial gear and attribute focus, it also starts at different levels. A player choosing the Wretch class is ready for a challenge at level 1, starting with minimal gear and no standout specialties, while the Astrologer has only three attributes above 10 and is at level 6 .

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The Samurai class is among the highest level beginners in this regard. At level 9, he has one of the highest base stat totals. In hindsight, it doesn’t matter too much, but it does save time for those looking to level up quickly.

2 There are five attributes with impressive base stats to build on

Elden Ring Samurai Stats

There’s so much talk about focusing on two or three individual attributes when creating your character, with committing to a particular build being considered the best approach in Ring of Elden. With the Samurai class, the starting attribute totals immediately give players an idea of ​​what’s important, with Stamina, Spirit, Stamina, Strength, and Dexterity being significantly higher than the magic options of arcane, intelligence and faith.

Dexterity starts at 15 and should be further increased to meet the demands of awesome late game weapons and many other perks. There are other classes that have a single attribute at 15 or 16, these being considered the ace to focus on. With the freedom that the game offers, even if the player ignores the tips, he at least has decent base stats at the moment and can upgrade other alternatives.

1 The Samurai class tells you it’s okay to focus on reckless attacks in a game FromSoftware

Elden Ring Samurai

FromSoftware game players are always advised to be patient to avoid the constant humiliation and anger of the terrifying and destructive enemies that the games have to offer. This can be hard for many players to get used to, especially if they excel at button-hitting games where consistent attacks can easily overwhelm their opponents.

However, the Samurai class of Ring of Elden encourages players to take such a risky approach. Ring of Elden gives players all the tools to deal devastating damage early on, like stats, weapons, talismans, and other items that can make them even better. If players can figure out how to compensate for the initially fragile stature of the class, there’s plenty of fun to be had with an aggressive approach.

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