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Dragon Ball Super’s New Chapter Gets A Sneak Peek From The Series’ Artist


A preview of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 84 shows that Goku and Vegeta are about to experience an incredible revelation that will change them forever.

A limited-time preview of Dragon Ball Super chapter #84 shows that the sequel to the most famous shonen manga in history still surprises fans of the franchise. The few panels in the preview show that the two Goku and Vegeta will experience an incredible revelation that will forever change their mindset, setting them up for the final fight against Gas.

Since Dragon Ball Z revealed Goku’s true origins, the series primarily focused on the last survivors of the Saiyans, a mighty alien race of warriors and proud conquerors who were almost completely wiped out by the galactic tyrant Frieza. Goku arrived on Earth as a child, with no memory of his heritage, and grew up to be a kind and caring person. On the contrary, Vegeta, the Prince of the Saiyans, considered pride in his heritage the most important thing. When Goku learned of his origins, he didn’t care as he thought of himself as an Earthman. Vegeta, on the other hand, has found love and a family on Earth and has come to regret the Saiyan’s past atrocities, feeling the need to atone for his past sins. However, the two men’s relationship with their past is just changed forever, after witnessing the recorded memories of Goku’s deceased father, Bardock.


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The last chapters of Dragon Ball Super—Toyotarou and Akira Toriyama’s manga – focused on Bardock’s flashback, with him struggling to protect the last survivors of a planet the Saiyan had just conquered, slaughtering its population. Chapter 84 preview shows Goku and Vegeta’s reaction to these past events (recorded via device). Goku realizes that he never fully believed in his own power because he didn’t understand Saiyan pride. Vegeta also comes to see things in a different way: he has taken on too much of his race’s past sins and forgotten about their pride. Non-Japanese can enjoy the preview panels thanks to a translation provided by Twitter user @DBSCronicleswhich you can find below.

It is very difficult to underestimate the importance of this chapter for the whole dragonball franchise. Goku’s lack of regard for his Saiyan heritage has been a defining aspect of his character for over thirty years. Changing it now means that dragonball Great isn’t afraid to evolve its characters, even though they are some of the most established cultural icons in the world. Vegeta moving past his guilt over his Saiyan past is also a big step forward. The two heroes wearing classic Saiyan gear at the end of the preview are symbolic of their positive reconnection with their past.

Dragon Ball Super already made significant changes to Bardock’s character, which weren’t universally welcomed by fans. However, the show’s greatest merit is that it’s not afraid to make changes to its well-established franchise, and the upcoming chapter #84 proves it. fans of Dragon Ball Super can enjoy this preview while we wait to find out exactly how these revelations will impact Goku and Vegeta in their final battle against Gas.

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Find the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super when it is officially released in English on the Viz website.

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