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Dragon Ball finally revealed Frieza’s secret story


V-Jump unveiled the story of Frieza and his family of galactic conquerors, developing the most famous villain in the Dragon Ball franchise.

One of the most emblematic enemies of the Dragon ball the franchise is Frieza, the alien overlord who was feared throughout the galaxy and ruled over many worlds before being defeated by Goku. After being defeated in the original Dragon ball manga, Freeza found new popularity in Dragon ball super, returning to the Resurrection of F movie before appearing in the manga too. Now the Japanese magazine V-jump shared a detailed look at the history of Frieza and his formidable family.

Frieza made his first appearance in chapter # 247 of Dragon ball and he is the main antagonist of the Namek Arc. He is the son of King Cold, a mutant of a still unknown race, born with an unusually high level of power which he used to establish a galactic empire. However, Freeza was born with even greater power, so once he grew up, Cold abdicated and left the reins of the empire to his son, who greatly enlarged it, conquering planets and selling them back. at a high price. During this expansion, Freeza encountered the Saiyans, a strong and powerful race of warriors whom he recruited into his army. However, after hearing about the legend of the Super Saiyan, Freeza decided to destroy the Saiyan planet, Vegeta, and all of its inhabitants, fearing that someone stronger than him might be born among them. This ultimately put Frieza on a collision course with the few Saiyan survivors, including Goku, who killed Frieza on the planet Namek after unlocking the power of a Super Saiyan.


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Frieza has turned out to be a very popular character, and he has ended up making several comebacks since his fight with Goku on Namek. He was resurrected as part of the Dragon ball super franchise, which allowed it to develop its story a little. The Tournament of Power arc even introduced a version of Frieza from another universe named Frost. In December 2021 V-jump, the magazine where the Dragon ball super manga is published (with Boruto), further developed the backgrounds of these characters, providing insight into the history of Frieza, his father Cold, and their army. The affected pages were shared by the Twitter user @DBSuperFrance.

The tribe where Frieza was born always possessed good fighting potential, but Cold was the first to be so powerful in conquering other alien races, creating what would later be called Frieza’s Army. At this point, he recruited some powerful minions that were featured during the Namek arc, such as Zarbon, Dodoria, and the Ginew Force. They have also developed advanced technologies such as the Scouter and regeneration tanks. When Freeza took power, the empire expanded further and even the mighty forces of good in the galaxy such as the Galactic Patrol and the North Kai were unable to stop it. Finally, Freeza decided to get rid of the Saiyans, which turned out to be his downfall. V-jump Also gives a recap of the Granolah Arc, which is currently set in the manga, stating that the planet of Granolah was conquered by the Saiyans at the behest of Frieza 40 years before current events.

Considering that at the end of the Tournament of Power, Frieza was resurrected once again and even resumed his title of Emperor of Universe 7, information provided by V-jump will be useful for fans of Dragon ball super, who can expect to see the dreaded villain Frieza again in the future.

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Source: @DBSuperFrance


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