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Deadpool is a surprise Dragon Ball fan


Deadpool’s hit manga series does a lot of good, but showing fans that he loves Dragon Ball is an unexpected moment that serves his character well!

The manga became anime, Dragon ball is one of the oldest and most popular series in the world, and in dead Poolhis own successful manga, Deadpool: Samurai, it is revealed that Wade Wilson is a huge fan of the franchise! Suffice it to say that seeing Deadpool talk about Broly, the great apes, and even the Dragon Balls themselves is a huge nerd moment for lovers of both properties, instantly becoming an unexpected but welcome character-building moment for him. one and only Merc with a Mouth.

Surprising fans of both Dragon ball franchise and the character of Deadpool himself in Chapter Five of Deadpool: Samurai, by Sanshirou Kasama and Hikaru Uesugi, Wade Wilson pulling a pick Dragon ball facts is an event worth reading. Traveling around Japan to help the locals in his patented way, Deadpool comes face to face with Loki and one of his lackeys who can brainwash the people around him.


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Using said brainwashing on this series’ version of Venom, Deadpool makes a joke that immediately shows his love for him. Dragon ball franchise. Noticing some sort of collar around the symbiote host’s neck, Deadpool learns from Loki’s knowledge that the device allows him to control his thoughts, to which Deadpool interrupts to ask, “Like the thing they used on. Broly in this movie? ” followed by the ultimate admission of being a Dragon ball fan saying, “Dragon Ball is the $ #! ^!”

Deadpool loves Dragon Ball

Probably referring to the multiple of Broly Dragon ball appearances in films where he is controlled by a similar device usually operated by a loved one in the name of limiting his power and decreasing his insurmountable rage, Deadpool continues to float his nerd flag a few pages later during his brawl with Venom. Seeing Venom grow and transform into something much bigger and more frightening before his eyes, Deadpool said, “It’s like a great ape. Should I blow up the moon? Casting a reference to the ability of the race. Saiyan to transform into a huge, overpowered ape, all thanks to the influence of the full moon.Finally, and to top off that perfect nerding streak, Deadpool says that if the villain he’s fighting wants him to shut up, he will have to “Go get the 7 Dragon Balls and make a wish!”

Now while these spot-ons Dragon ball The references could be a fun addition to Deadpool’s ever-growing knowledge of pop culture, this isn’t the first time Wade Wilson has made his love for manga and anime known. This is also seen in a later chapter of Deadpool: Samurai, Wade accidentally calls the very popular and famous My hero university hero, All Might, to help him win a battle against the Mad Titan himself, Thanos, surprising fans of the character from the crossover franchise as they no doubt wonder how Deadpool managed to make sure that the former number one hero shows up in the flesh for a quick cameo. Talk about being a fan of all things manga!

So in the end, Deadpool being a fan of the Dragon ball the franchise is perfect for a character who constantly breaks the fourth wall while making pop culture references every few seconds. Goku and the rest of the characters Dragon ball maybe don’t know who dead Pool is, but it’s nice to know that talking about Super Saiyans and power levels above 9,000 wouldn’t be lost on Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth.

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